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Class Schedule

Monday 6:15am Kickstart Conditioning // 12pm Krav Maga 1 // 5pm Kids (age 3-5) // 5pm Juniors (age 9-12) // 5:15pm Heavy Bag // 6:15pm Fight Tactics: Grappling & Takedowns // 6:15pm Krav Maga 1 // 7:30pm Krav Maga 2+
Tuesday 12pm Krav Maga 1 // 5pm Youth (age 6-8) // 5:15pm Heavy Bag // 6:15pm Krav Maga 2+ // 6:15pm Heavy Bag // 7:30pm Krav Maga 1 // 7:30pm Fight Tactics: Kickboxing
Wednesday 6am Krav Maga // 12:15pm Heavy Bag // 5pm Kids (age 3-5) // 5pm Juniors (age 9-12) // 5:15pm Heavy Bag // 6:15pm Krav Maga 1 // 6:15pm Krav Maga 2+ // 7:30pm Fight Tactics: Groundwork // 7:30pm Fight Tactics: Strike Lab
Thursday 12pm Krav Maga 1+ // 5pm Youth (age 6-8) // 5:15pm Heavy Bag // 6:15pm Kickboxing Bag // 6:15pm Fight Tactics: Groundwork // 7:30pm Krav Maga 1 // 7:30pm Advanced Krav Maga
Friday 6:15am Kickstart Conditioning // 12pm Krav Maga 1+ // 5:30pm Advanced Krav Jr. // 5:30pm Competition Team Training (Invite Only) // 5:30pm Krav Maga 1 // 6:30pm Friday Night Late - Groundwork Open Mat
Saturday 10am Kids Intensive (age 3-5) // 10am Youth Intensive (6-8) // 10:15am Heavy Bag // 11:15am Juniors Intensive (9-12) // 11:15am Krav Maga 1 // 11:15am Youth Classic (age 6-8) // 12:30pm Groundwork Conditioning
Sunday 12:30pm Fight Church // 1pm Fight Church: Open Mat // 2pm Adv. Fight Tactics

Latest Blog Post

Self-Defense for LGBTQIA

Saturday, November 2 // 1-3pm Cost: $10/person Lions Krav Maga will be hosting a 2 hour seminar on self-defense designed specifically for the LGBTQIA community. Lions is explicitly inclusive 365 days a year; however, this event is for the LGBTQIA community of Austin. We understand that people in this community[…]

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Teen Krav Maga Lions Krav Maga

Teen Krav Maga

Our vision for the Teen program includes providing a safe space for teenagers to face age-specific issues, such as bullying, ostracism, or even sexual harassment or assault, on the mat with an instructor who is specially trained to guide them towards appropriate solutions.

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Edged Weapons Seminar

Saturday, November 23th // 2-5pm Cost: $59.99 A blade in a fight should not be taken lightly. In this 3-hour Bladed Weapons seminar led by Krav Maga Black Belt Instructor Jason Fryer, we will teach you how to defend against close range threats and knife attacks. You will also learn[…]

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Krav Jr Halloween Party

Thursday, October 31 // 4-6pm This event is FREE for our Krav Jr members (and parents are more than welcome to stick around, of course). There will be games, candy prizes, and of course, Krav! We want to see all the kiddos in the Halloween costumes, so we strongly encourage[…]

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Lions Bar Hours

Saturday, Oct 19 // 6pm At: Easy Tiger at the Linc (6406 N I-35, #1100, Austin, TX 78752) We think some fight family bonding time is long overdue. Join us for our Bar Hours event at Easy Tiger Linc (their newer North Austin location, not the one downtown!) at 6pm[…]

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Ninja Week!

October 28-Nov 2 One of the best weeks of the year is coming up! Getting ready to learn some fascinating techniques to improve coordination, technique, and tactics. While not a typical part of our curriculum, students will get to have fun while learning some pretty cool stuff. Held during our[…]

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