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Class Schedule

Monday 6:15am Kickstart Conditioning // 12pm Mittwork // 4pm Virtual Kids Cooking // 5pm Virtual Kids Krav Maga (3-5) // 5pm Virtual Juniors Krav Maga (9-12) // 6:15pm Krav Maga (Livestreamed on Zoom) // 7:30pm Fight Tactics
Tuesday 4pm Virtual Creative Creations // 5pm Youth Krav Maga (6-8) // 6:15pm Heavy Bag // 6:15 Virtual Krav Maga Solo // 7:30 Steel Mace
Wednesday 5pm Virtual Kids Krav Maga (3-5) // 5pm Juniors Krav Maga (9-12) // 6:15 Krav Maga (Livestreamed on Zoom) // 7:30pm Heavy Bag (Livestreamed on Zoom)
Thursday 5pm Virtual Youth Krav Maga (6-8) // 6:15pm Steel Mace // 7:30pm Heavy Bag (Livestreamed on Zoom)
Friday 12pm Virtual Krav Maga - Solo // 6:15pm Combos & Cardio (Livestreamed on FB)
Saturday 9am Virtual Kids Krav Maga (3-5) // 10am Youth Krav Maga (6-8) // 10am Heavy Bag // 10am Virtual Advanced Fight Tactics // 11am Junior Krav Maga (9-12) // 11:15 Krav Maga (Livestreaed on Zoom) // 12:30pm Virtual Advanced Krav Junior
Sunday 10am Kids Krav Maga (3-5) // 10am Virtual Youth Krav Maga (6-8) // 11am Virtual Junior Krav Maga (9-12) // 12:30pm Fight Church

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Krav Junior Lions Krav Maga Summer Camp

Krav Maga Summer Camp

Don’t want your kids stuck on the couch this summer? We are ENROLLING NOW for our 2019 Martial Arts Summer Camp for kids ages 3-12! Join us this summer to provide your kiddos with fun, friendship, and, of course, Krav Maga.

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Virtual Krav Junior

The Krav Junior SKILLZ program  is considered the most comprehensive self-defense & anti-bullying  program available in the world today. The program covers all aspects of self-defense training for kids, from the physical and technical aspects, to the educational aspect (self-control, violence  prevention, functioning under stress etc.), to simulation training.  Our[…]

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