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Class Schedule

Monday 6:15am Kickstart Conditioning // 4pm Kids (age 3-4) // 5pm Juniors (age 9-12) // 6pm Krav Maga All Levels // 7pm Groundwork // 8pm Advanced Krav Maga
Tuesday 12pm Krav Maga Basics // 5pm Youth (age 5-8) // 6pm Kickboxing // 7:00pm Krav Maga All Levels // 8pm Fight Tactics
Wednesday 6:15am Kickstart Conditioning// 12pm Advanced Krav Maga // 4pm Kids (age 3-4) // 5pm Juniors (age 9-12) // 6pm Krav Maga All Levels // 7:00pm Advanced Krav Maga // 8pm Krav Maga Basics
Thursday 12pm Krav Maga All Levels // 5pm Youth (age 5-8) // 6pm Advanced Striking // 7:00pm Krav Maga Basics // 8pm Fight Tactics // 9pm Advanced Sparring
Friday 6:15am Kickstart Conditioning // 12pm Groundwork // 5:15pm Kickboxing // 6pm Krav Maga
Saturday 9am Kids (age 3-4) // 10am Krav Maga // 11am Advanced Krav Maga // 12pm Youth (age 5-8) // 1pm Juniors (age 9-12)
Sunday 12:30pm Fight Church

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