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Class Schedule

Monday 6:15am Kickstart Conditioning // 12pm Krav Maga 1 // 4pm Kids (age 3-5) // 5pm Juniors (age 9-12) // 6pm Krav Maga 1 // 7pm Fight Tactics: Grappling & Takedowns // 8pm Groundwork
Tuesday 10am VKNJA Steel Mace // 12pm Krav Maga 1 // 5pm Youth (age 6-8) // 6:30pm Fight Tactics: Kickboxing // 7:30pm Krav Maga 2+
Wednesday 6:15am Kickstart Conditioning// 4pm Kids (age 3-5) // 5pm Juniors (age 9-12) // 6pm Fight Tactics: Strike Lab // 7pm Krav Maga 1 // 8pm Fight Tactics: Groundwork
Thursday 10am VKNJA Steel Mace // 12pm Krav Maga 1+ // 5pm Youth (age 6-8) // 6:30pm Krav Maga 2+ // 7:30pm Krav Maga 1
Friday 6am Krav Maga 1 // 12pm Krav Maga 1+ // 5pm Advanced Krav Jr. // 6pm Krav Maga 1
Saturday 9am Kids (age 3-5) // 10am Kickstart Conditioning // 11am Krav Maga 1 // 12pm Youth (age 6-8) // 1pm Juniors (age 9-12)
Sunday 12:30pm Fight Church // 1pm Fight Church: Open Mat

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Lions Krav Maga has been featured in a Fitness article written by Nicky Iudean from! From the article: “Anyone can take up Krav Maga, no matter their current physical shape, as with each class you will notice improvements in stamina, core strength, and overall fitness abilities.”  READ MORE At[…]

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Annual Holiday Party & Bar Fight Seminar!

We want to thank our members for another amazing year at Lions Krav Maga, so we will be hosting a FREE Bar Fight Seminar followed by a super awesome fun-time Holiday Party at Nosh and Bevvy (8440 Burnet Rd.). The seminar is members-only, but for the party, feel free to[…]

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Member Appreciation Week is Coming Up!

We love y’all!  And it is that time of year where we get to celebrate you, the member!  We have already kicked off the celebrations with our Raffle (READ MORE), where you can enter to win prizes or hold on to that sweet raffle ticket for a drink at the[…]

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