Timmon Aportadera

Timmon Aportadera

Timmon is an instructor in our Adult/Teen Krav Maga program. He began his Krav training in Memphis, TN in 2018 & joined the Lions crew when he moved to Austin in 2021. 

In addition to his experience with teaching defensive tactics, Timmon also has a bachelors in Instrumental Education K-12, and he’s been teaching music to elementary & middle schoolers since 2014.

Alongside his Krav training, Timmon also enjoys running, practicing music, creating jewelry, writing poetry, and weight training. 

As an instructor, Timmon prioritizes helping anyone who comes into his class to learn skills that will not only make them physically safer, but will also teach them how to become an advocate for their own safety & wellbeing. He believes that all people have a fundamental right to protect themselves and to walk in peace.  

Fun Facts About Tim

What’s your nerdiest hobby? 

Playing MMORPGs – otherwise known as multiplayer online role-playing games

Who are your personal heroes? 

My brother, who does his best to be a good human, husband, and dad to his family

What would be your fight walk-out song? 

Busy Earnin’ by Jungle

What’s your superpower? 


Favorite submission? 

Guillotine choke (headlock from the front)