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Check Out Our Space!

We’re finally all settled into our new space! To help you navigate a few changes and appreciate the sweet upgrades, we’ve put together a virtual tour just for you.

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Lions Etiquette for the Gym & for Life

Whether it’s your first time at Lions or you’ve been around for awhile, you may feel like there are some unspoken social rules at the gym. Etiquette at Lions is all about being a good partner in class and creating the most inclusive, comfortable environment possible to grow badasses in and outside the gym.

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Wrap yo’ hands, homies!

There are many, many ways to wrap your hands.  Most of them are just as good as the next method, though some emphasize more padding over the knuckles, some emphasize wrist stability, and some give a little bit of love to every area of the hand and wrist. We suggest[…]

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You gotta gear up

There’s something to be said for bare knuckle boxing. It mirrors real-world spontaneous fights, it intimately teaches you the importance of form and your own delicate areas, and it has to be said, it looks incredibly cinematic. So why is it that we insist you gear up for each and[…]

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Class Reservation System

First of all, thank you so much to all of you who shared your thoughts and ideas with us about how to improve our reservation system.  With your input, we were able to come up with the following student reservation policy, which will begin on Tuesday, May 30th after the[…]

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Good Things Come to Those Who Sweat

Written by Jason Fryer We all sweat. …except for this  guy… It is important to be aware that sweating is a way for your body to regulate its temperature.  It is a necessary part of exercise, and I don’t know of any really good ways to stop it from happening,[…]

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