Lions Krav Maga Belt Test & Watch Party

Orange Belt Test & Watch Party

Are you considering testing? Get your Permission to Test forms at the front desk, and get them signed & turned in by February 24th! Not testing this time? Come cheer (and lightly heckle) your training partners as they donate their blood, sweat, and tears to the Belt Test gods!

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Defensive Pistol 101 Weekend Workshop at Lions Krav Maga

Defensive Pistol 201

The Defensive Pistol 201 is designed to build on the Defensive Pistol 101 course and will focus on gun retention, safety, and marksmanship in high stress situations. This 8-hour weekend workshop will be from 2-6pm on Saturday, November 4th & Sunday, November 5th, 2023.

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lions krav maga holiday party

8th Annual Holiday Party & Bar Fight Seminar!

We want to thank our members for another amazing year at Lions Krav Maga, so we will be hosting a FREE Bar Fight Seminar followed by a super awesome fun-time Annual Holiday Party on Friday, December 15th. The seminar is members-only, but for the party, bring your friends & family!!

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30-Day Planksgiving Challenge

Challenge starts November 1st!! Every day for the month of November, we’ll be cranking out planks & giving out thanks! Log your results in our Member App to track your progress & complete the challenge, then join us on November 30th at 7:30pm to challenge your friends to a PLANK OFF!!!

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Gobble Gobble Motherclucker Thanksgiving Krav Maga class fundraiser Lions Krav maga

Gobble Gobble, MotherClucker!

Join us November 22 for a 90-minute special self defense class to kick off your Thanksgiving holiday weekend! Unruly family member always causing trouble at dinner?? Learn how to subdue them without hurting anything but their pride! This class is open to the public as a fundraiser for Central Texas Food Bank!

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Lions krav maga defensive pistol 201 weekend workshop

Defensive Pistol 101 – Beginner Workshop

The aim of the Defensive Pistol 101 Weekend Workshop is to provide you with the skills and mindset necessary to save your own life and the lives of those you love. This course is open to everyone age 16+. No prior experience with firearms, defensive tactics, or martial arts is required. Beginners are encouraged to attend!

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