Lions Krav Maga 7th annual holiday party & bar fight seminar

7th Annual Bar Fight Seminar & Holiday Party

We want to thank our members for another amazing year at Lions Krav Maga, so we will be hosting a FREE Bar Fight Seminar followed by a super awesome fun-time Holiday Party at Nosh and Bevvy (8440 Burnet Rd.). The seminar is members-only, but for the party, bring your friends & family!!

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Knife Defense Seminar

A blade in a fight should not be taken lightly. In this Knife Defense Seminar led by Krav Maga Black Belt Instructor Jason Fryer, you will learn how to defend against close range knife threats & attacks, as well as how to use a blade as a viable self defense tool in close range encounters.

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Nerd out on Krav Maga lions krav maga suggested media

Let’s Nerd Out!

When I first started training in Krav, I probably went to anywhere between 5-15 classes a week. Sometimes more, sometimes less. I probably spent AT LEAST that many hours quietly nerding out about Krav after I got home from class. I read every article and watched every Youtube video I could get my hands on! I know I’m not the only Krav nerd here, so I’m sharing a few of my favorite Krav-nerd resources.  

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