Thomas Wilkerson

Thomas Wilkerson

Thomas Wilkerson Lions Krav Maga instructor“Thomas focuses on stance, movement, and balance. He helps you build a solid foundation that sets up everything else. 

-Mark M. Archivist

“Gentle  yet FIERCE. Breaks down moves in a way that seamlessly come together by the end of the class. He scaffolds the lessons very well and is super creative on situations esp outside.” 

-Stella F. Professor

“Thomas is so welcoming and inclusive. He is very encouraging and his style makes everyone feel comfortable. He has really good technique and does a good job of keeping class interesting. He teaches with a good blend of body mechanics and mental focus.”

-Rebecca A. Executive Director Services

  • Favorite Submission: Rear Naked Choke
  • Walkout Song: Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin
  • Superpower: Handstand walking
  • Heroes: RBG, MLK, Mom, and Dad
  • Known for: Striking classes and funky playlists
  • Favorite Past Time:  avid pool player, former touring musician, and loves anything to do with pizza, hamburgers, or corn dogs