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Class Schedule

Monday 6:30am Kickstart Conditioning // 12pm Mittwork (mask class) // 5pm Krav Kids (age 3-5) // 5pm Krav Juniors (age 9-12) // 6pm Heavy Bag // 6pm Groundwork // 7pm Krav Maga
Tuesday 5pm Krav Youth (age 6-8) // 5:30pm Heavy Bag // 6:30pm Fight Tactics // 6:30pm Strength & Mobility // 7:30pm Krav Maga (mask class) // 7:30pm Krav Maga 2+
Wednesday 7:30am Strength & Mobility // 12pm Fight Tactics // 5pm Krav Kids (age 3-5) // 5pm Krav Juniors (age 9-12) // 6pm Krav Maga // 6pm Heavy Bag // 7pm Fight Tactics
Thursday 5pm Krav Youth (age 6-8) // 5:30pm Heavy Bag // 6:30pm Krav Maga // 7:30pm Strength & Mobility
Friday 12pm Krav Maga // 6pm Heavy Bag
Saturday 9am Krav Kids (age 3-5) // 10am Krav Youth (age 6-8) // 10am Adv. Fight Tactics // 10am Heavy Bag // 11am Krav Juniors (age 9-12) // 11am Krav Maga (mask class) // 12pm Adv. Krav Junior
Sunday 10am Krav Youth (age 6-8) // 12pm Adv. Krav Junior // 12:30pm Fight Church

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Parents Night Out Lions krav Maga

Parents Night Out – September, 2021

Let us take care of the kids for the evening while you go on a fun date, catch up with friends, or just get some rest! We’ll have a pizza party and provide lots of fun, age-appropriate activities till you’re ready to pick them up around 10pm.

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Section 2 Overview Seminars

You do not have to be taking the Blue Belt test to attend this review. In fact, we highly encourage all upper levels students to attend the review as well, as we will be going over what the important technical points are for each technique. You can attend one or both!

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Thomas Wilkerson Lions Krav Maga instructor

Blue / Brown Belt Test

The Blue / Brown Belt Test will be on Saturday, October 16th starting at 2pm. If you are a Green Belt or a Purple Belt & you’ve completed your requisite classes, you should consider testing.

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Lions & Delta Variant

For the past year and half, we have been adjusting our policies at Lions in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic. We have always taken a stance that balances promoting public health with personal responsibility. Austin has recently moved into Stage 5 COVID restrictions due to the spread of the new Delta variant. Read on to learn how we are adjusting our schedule & policies as a result.

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A Wild Genesis Appears!

Lions Krav Maga welcomes Genesis to our team! Starting September 1st, Genesis will be taking over as Lead Instructor of our Kids & Youth Division classes! Gen moved to Austin 5 years ago, and she already has over 5 years of experience working with children under her belt! She is[…]

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