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Class Schedule

Monday 5:10pm Littles (age 4-6) // 5:10pm Big Kids (age 10-12) // 6:10pm Fight Tactics // 6:10pm Krav Maga - Beginner // 7:20pm Heavy Bag
Tuesday 12pm Fight Tactics // 5:10pm Middles (age 7-9) // 5:20pm Quickie Heavy Bag // 6:10pm Teen Krav Maga (age 13 -17) // 6:10pm Krav Maga - Beginner // 7:20pm Krav Maga - Intermediate
Wednesday 12pm Heavy Bag // 4:15pm Littles (age 4-6) // 5:10pm Yellow Belts & Up (age 7-12) // 5:20pm Quickie Krav Maga // 6:10pm Fight Tactics // 7:20pm Krav Maga - Advanced
Thursday 12pm Krav Maga - All Levels // 4:15pm Middles (age 7-9) // 4:15pm Big Kids (age 10-12) // 5:10pm Middles (age 7-9) // 5:10pm Big Kids (age 10-12) // 5:20pm Quickie Heavy Bag // 6:10pm Krav Maga - Beginner // 7:20pm Krav Maga - Intermediate
Friday Gym closed // Available for private classes or private lessons
Saturday 9am Littles (age 4-6) // 10am Middles (age 7-9) // 10am Krav Maga - Beginners // 11am Yellow Belts & Up (age 7-12) // 11:15am Heavy Bag // 11:15am Groundwork Open Mat // 12:30pm Teen Krav Maga // 12:30pm Advanced Krav Junior
Sunday 9am Littles (age 4-6) // 10am Middles (age 7-9) // 11am Big Kids (age 10-12) // 12:30pm Advanced Krav Junior // 12:30pm Fight Church

Latest Blog Post

30-Day Planksgiving Challenge

Challenge starts November 1st!! Every day for the month of November, we’ll be cranking out planks & giving out thanks! Log your results in our Member App to track your progress & complete the challenge, then join us on November 30th at 7:30pm to challenge your friends to a PLANK OFF!!!

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Black Friday Sale at Lions Krav Maga


Krav Maga training makes you stronger, faster, and safer. What better gift is there? Our Black Friday Sale ends Monday, November 27 at 11:59pm, so act now!

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lions krav maga holiday party

8th Annual Holiday Party & Bar Fight Seminar!

We want to thank our members for another amazing year at Lions Krav Maga, so we will be hosting a FREE Bar Fight Seminar followed by a super awesome fun-time Annual Holiday Party on Friday, December 15th. The seminar is members-only, but for the party, bring your friends & family!!

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