Teen Krav Maga

Teen Krav Maga

Self Defense for Teens


We want to offer the best possible training to each and every one of our students, which is what led Lions Krav Maga to create a Teen Krav Maga membership and hold a weekly Teen-only Krav Maga class for students age 13-17. Our program includes provides a safe space for teenagers to face age-specific issues, such as bullying, ostracism, or even sexual harassment or assault, on the mat with an instructor who is specially trained to guide them towards appropriate solutions. Read on for a full list of benefits of teens training Krav Maga!  

#5 – Learn to Stop Bullying!

Learning how to stop bullying is why many teens look to self defense courses, and why parents choose to enroll their teenager at Lions Krav Maga. We give these young people the tools to stand up for themselves, and if it comes to it, becoming their own hero by defending themselves physically if they are attacked. In class, we talk about when it is and is not appropriate to use physical force because while we want our students to be safe, but we also want to keep them out of trouble. With great power comes great responsibility!

#4 – Empowerment!

Teens don’t always recognize how amazing they are, and we want to give young people the chance to brag to their friends about taking down someone twice their size in class, or that they learned how to defend themselves against a knife-wielding attacker! It’s good for their development to experience that sense of accomplishment. Developmentally, teens are craving a sense of personal power, and Lions Krav Maga can provide this empowerment in a safe & controlled training environment.

#3 – Life Skills!

Our Teen Krav Maga class will address topics such as boundaries, problem-solving, the importance of grit, and many other ideas that will lay the foundation for how to navigate adulthood in the coming years. We also teach important life skills, such as punctuality, communication skills, hygiene and physical presentation, respect, and integrity.

#2 – Exercise = Brain Power!

It’s so easy in today’s screen-filled world to neglect one’s physical fitness, but teenagers are in their formative years and need to create healthy habits while they’re still developing! Exercise increases the body’s production of endorphins, which does wonders for reducing stress and staying focused and ready to learn. Our Teen Krav Maga program is a great way to work up a sweat and get those brain-boosting endorphins in their system!

#1 – True Connection With Peers

Krav Maga is also really fun, and we want teens to have a class where they can learn about self-defense with their peers and have a great time doing it. It’s an opportunity for them to bond with other like-minded people outside of the classroom and enjoy something new. Teens spend hours upon hours on social media, and research studies have shown that this has led to a dramatic increase in the need for real, human connection. By attending regular Krav Maga classes with their peers and working towards a common goal, they have the opportunity for TRUE BONDING bonding, not just another “like” on social media.