Maxine Bockoff

Maxine Bockoff

“Maxine pays attention to technique and ensures you’re doing the right moves. She also pushes you and makes sure you’re in that cardio zone! She is attentive to every member in the class and helps everyone. She also listens if you’re having any body pain issues and helps you modify.”
-Jacob S. Film Maker

“Max always delivers a challenging heavy bag workout! She will push you to your limits, which you will enjoy and appreciate and always want to come back for more!.”
-Annamaria B. Data Scientist

“She puts time and effort in her lesson plans. She makes it a point to encourage and recognize everyone for their hard work.
-MVO Nurse


Favorite submission: Triangle Choke

Walkout Song: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Cyndi Lauper or Miley Cyrus on a really upbeat day

Superpower: Organizing your Tupperware drawer

Hero(es): Mrs. B (High School English teacher/Mentor)

Known for: Tying a mean bandana

Nerd Alert!: Red Dwarf (British Sci-fi Comedy)