Private Group Classes

Private Group Classes

Michaela Johnson teaching Krav Maga class at Lions Krav Maga in Austin, TX


No Experience Necessary

Our private group classes are available to children & adults of any demographic, fitness, skill, or mobility level. Our programming is fully adaptable so that we can meet the needs of your group or organization.

Promotes Problem Solving & Mental Fortitude

  • Self Defense training has been shown to improve employee discipline, morale, and critical thinking.
  • Lions Krav Maga training improves creative problem- solving skills & ability to think outside the box.
  • Training with Lions Krav Maga is excellent for building workplace unity and enhancing teamwork.
  • Training sessions improve employees’ ability to stay calm & focused, and to find solutions under pressure.

Develops Confidence & Leadership Skills

  • People who are capable of protecting themselves have been shown to have higher levels of confidence.
  • People who feel safe are less prone to the debilitating effects of stress.
  • Empowerment-based self defense training promotes confidence, healthy self-esteem, and leadership.
  • Training in self defense leads to good decision making, a healthy lifestyle, and higher levels of self-control.

Builds Communication Strategies

  • Learn to communicate directly and clearly while in a high-pressure situation.
  • Develop and use better interpersonal communication skills, verbal self-defense tactics, and leadership abilities.
  • Practice boundary setting and assertive negotiation strategies.


Krav Maga is the ultimate self defense training system! Known for its intuitive and effective techniques, Krav Maga is easy to learn and retain, making you stronger and safer every time you train!


In-gym = $160 per hour // Your location = $200 per hour

Participants will learn effective defensive and combative techniques while working as a team. Each class will include a lesson on situational awareness and/or boundary setting in addition to techniques that could save lives.

Seminars can be between 1-6 hours, and they include 1 certified Krav Maga instructor. Pricing includes up to 10 students; additional students can be added for an additional fee. Seminars can be held at our gym either indoors or outdoors, or they can be held at your location. Lions will also supply all equipment or gear that will be needed for the class.

4-Pack Class Series

Includes one hour-long class per week for 4 weeks
In-Gym = $500 per series // Your location = $650 per series

In addition to learning the fundamentals of the Krav Maga system, participants will practice clearly communicating boundaries, solving complex challenges while under stress, and/or working with teammates to achieve common goals.

The 4-Pack Class Series includes one hour-long class per week for 4 weeks taught by 1 certified Krav Maga instructor & 1 assistant instructor. Pricing includes up to 10 students; additional students can be added for an additional fee. The 4-Pack Class Series can be held at our gym either indoors or outdoors, or they can be held at your location. Lions will supply all equipment or gear that will be needed for the classes.


Choose one of the topics below, or let us know what you’re interested in learning & we’ll design a custom class just for you!

Women’s Self Defense 101: The Fundamentals (age 14+)

• Situational awareness & threat assessment
• Recognizing predatory behavior & honoring your intuition
• Setting & affirming boundaries
• Tactical decision-making, escape & evasion
• Striking vulnerable targets using hands, elbows, knees, and legs
• Use of common objects as weapons or shields
• Escaping a grab to the wrist, shirt, or purse/bag

Women’s Self Defense 201: Self Defense on the Ground (age 14+)

• Ground movement & positional dominance
• Tactical decision-making when the fight goes to the ground
• Fundamentals of ground fighting
• Escaping from an attacker on top of you
• Force equalizing tools

Workplace Safety (age 16+)

• Tailored to your specific workplace context
• Situational awareness & threat assessment
• De-escalation tactics
• Use of common objects as weapons or shields
• Legal considerations & appropriate use of force

Active Shooter Scenario Training (age 18+)

• Situational awareness & risk assessment
• Finding cover or concealment
• Disarming a gunman (pistol and/or rifle)
• Defensive tactics using common objects
• Applying a tourniquet
• Escape & evasion tactics

Parking Lot Self Defense (age 14+)

• Situational awareness & threat assessment
• Escape & evasion tactics
• Using strikes to create space
• Carjacking defense while inside vehicle
• Defending against attacker in the car with you

Strength & Conditioning for Fighters (age 7+)

• Kickboxing rounds on the heavy bag
• Mitt work boxing combos
• Kettlebell & steel mace exercises
• TRX & bodyweight training
• Speed, agility, & endurance work

Striking for Self Defense (age 7+)

• Fundamentals of fighting stance & movement
• Upper body strikes, such as punches, elbows, and/or palm strikes
• Lower body strikes, such as kicks or knees
• Putting together effective combinations of strikes
• Managing distance using strikes

Anti-Bullying & Self Advocacy (age 3-16)

• Defending yourself without breaking the school rules against “fighting”
• Use of force considerations & when it’s OK to “break the rules”
• Assertive vs. passive vs. aggressive responses to bullying
• Power dynamics in social groups
• Setting and affirming boundaries
• Advocacy solutions when telling the teacher is not enough
• Please reach out to us to discuss the age group so that we can ensure that the class is developmentally appropriate for those involved

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