Claire Rozmus

Claire Rozmus

“Claire is a boss! She explains things in a way that clicks with my brain. Two years later, and I still remember all of the analogies. My partner, our kids, and I have all been her students. She’s a natural educator and funny as hell.”

-Jen L. Designer

“I find Claire’s energy to be powerful during her class leading. She prompts great encouragement during the hardest moments.:)”

-Antonella H. Linguist

“Claire does a great job of explaining techniques and talking through why they are important. Her style helps people feel comfortable and she does a great job motivating people to improve.”

-Rebecca A. Executive Director Services


  • Favorite Submission: Armbar
  • Walkout song: Bonkers: Dizzee Rascal
  • Superpower: Carrying everything in one trip. (No grocery bag left behind!)
  • Known for:  Insisting on intensity and aggression in her Krav Maga 1 classes. 
  • Nerd Alert!:  When Claire is not kicking butt and taking names at the gym, she can be found checking out books from the public library.