Gobble Gobble Motherclucker Thanksgiving Krav Maga class fundraiser Lions Krav maga

Gobble Gobble, MotherClucker!

Join us November 22 for a 90-minute special self defense class to kick off your Thanksgiving holiday weekend! Unruly family member always causing trouble at dinner?? Learn how to subdue them without hurting anything but their pride! This class is open to the public as a fundraiser for Central Texas Food Bank!

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Lions krav maga defensive pistol 201 weekend workshop

Defensive Pistol 101 – Beginner Workshop

The aim of the Defensive Pistol 101 Weekend Workshop is to provide you with the skills and mindset necessary to save your own life and the lives of those you love. This course is open to everyone age 16+. No prior experience with firearms, defensive tactics, or martial arts is required. Beginners are encouraged to attend!

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Flyer image for Ninja Night kids' event at Lions Krav Maga

Ninja Night!!

We’re super excited to announce our first Youth Ninja Night at Lions Krav Maga! This event is not your average “Parents Night Out” event. It is designed to teach students some pretty fancy technical skills, so this event is limited to kiddos age 7+.

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20% off summer sale krav junior lions krav maga

Krav Junior End of Summer Sale!

Get your child started with our award-winning KIDS SELF DEFENSE classes! Watch as they become more CONFIDENT, FOCUSED, and EMPOWERED! We’re kicking off the new school year by offering you BIG SAVINGS!! Enroll before September 1st, and you’ll get 20% OFF your membership!! Use the code “SUMMER” at check-out!

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Lions Krav Maga in the news

Check it out! We’re in the news!!!

A Krav Maga studio in Austin is creating a safe place to train for unsafe situations Texas Standard | By Jackie Ibarra At a small gym in North Austin, mixed in between the smells of sweat and the sounds of bags swinging, are people warming up. There are about 15 people[…]

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