Fall 2023 Class Schedule

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Lions Krav Maga New Class Schedule

Fall 2023 Class Schedule

Starting October 1, 2023

Adults & Teens —

  • We will now have 2 teen classes instead of 1!!
  • New 40-minute “Quickie” classes offered at 5:20pm to coincide with kids classes!
  • Krav Maga classes will now have these designations— Beginner (Section 1), Intermediate (Section 2), Advanced (Section 3), and All Levels (Sections 1-3).
  • Class times at 3 different times— 5:20pm, 6:10pm, and 7:20pm on weekdays!
  • A few classes are switching days or times, so be sure to take a look!

Krav Junior for kids age 4-12 —

  • New class times at 4:15pm & 5:10pm on weekdays!
  • New “Yellow Belts & Up” class offered twice a week for Yellow Belt kids age 7-12 to be challenged on their skills!
  • Smaller class sizes — 12 for Littles (4-6), 14 for Middles (7-9), and 16 for Big Kids (10-12), which means more individualized attention in class!
  • Classes are 50 minutes long, allowing more time for check-ins between parents & teachers, and for kids to transition safely from class back into their parents’ care.

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