Stockings for Staff!

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Stockings for Staff!

Feel like spreading some holiday cheer?  

Put a little something in the instructors’ stockings to show them you care! ♥♥

Not sure what to get? We gotchu!

Check it out!

❆  ❆  ❆  ❆  ❆  ❆  ❆  ❆  ❆  ❆  ❆  ❆  ❆  ❆  ❆  ❆  ❆


Food: Mac & cheese, chocolate

Drink: Coffee, tea, electrolytes!

Favorite colors: Blue & green

Hobbies: Painting, drawing, baking

Things that make her happy: Fuzzy socks, paintbrushes, cool paints, candles


Food: Pizza, burgers, kolaches

Drink: Wine, coffee

Favorite colors: Yellow & purple

Hobbies: Boxing, playing pool

Things that make him happy: Cool stickers, cool socks, hoodies, Golden Girls stuff, Star Trek stuff, thoughtful notes


Food & drink: Dark chocolate, honey, chamomile tea, rum, wine

Favorite animal: Wolves & manatees

Favorite dinosaur: Brontosaurus

Things that make her happy: Journals, nice pens, notebooks with graph paper, super-soft cozy socks

Places she shops: Costco, Amazon, Etsy, H‑E‑B

Places she eats: Pokeworks, Tacodeli, Eldorado, Another Broken Egg, Snooze


Food: Sour candy, kettle chips

Drink: Kombucha, fizzy water

Favorite color: Pink & lavender

Favorite animal: Bumble bees! 

Things that make her happy: Gel pens, sparkly things, toys/treats for her cat

Things she actually needs: Things that help her manage her EDS – pain meds, heat packs, warm soft things, magnesium spray, epsom salts


Food: Steak

Drink: Whiskey, coffee

Favorite color: Blue & yellow

Favorite animal: Pandas. And Dilly.

Things that make him happy: Getting fancy for a night out, nice pens, cool stickers, toys for his dog Dilly


Food: Sour candy

Drink: Coffee

Favorite color: Purple

Favorite animal: Otters & turtles

Things that makes her happy: Stickers, cool lights, camping stuff, socks, sci-fi books


Food: Spicy snacks (especially trying new ones!), fruity/sour candy, apple-flavored things 

Drink: Sweet wine, matcha, coffee, Celsius

Favorite animal: She likes birds of all kinds! Also turtles & silly-looking dinosaurs

Favorite color: Dark or light blue, mustard yellow

Things that make her happy: Cool stickers, K-pop, stationary, fancy pens, journals, kind notes & words of affirmation♥ 


Food: Chocolates, sour candy

Drink: Sweet tea

Favorite color: Green & blue

Favorite animal: Turtles

Things that make him happy: Shiny things, jewelry, nice pens


Food: Pizza, dried fruit, dark chocolate, trail mix, jerky, plantain chips, protein cookies

Drink: Coffee, Reigns energy drinks

Favorite color: Black

Favorite animal: His dog Moxley

Things that make him happy: Hoodies, hats, cool stickers, anything bull terrier related, toys for Moxley


Food: Granola, pita chips, pizza, pasta, ramen

Drink: Coffee, Fireball, Bailey’s Irish Cream, chai tea, high gravity beer

Favorite color: Purple & green

Favorite animal: Wolf

Things that make him happy: Earring-making supplies, cool hand wraps, sparring, guitar noodling, dogs, cats, running, games, writing poetry, drawing, quirky/weird instruments


Food: Halo top ice cream, Ramen, Chinese, Sour Patch Kids

Drink: Loose leaf tea (all kinds), Reed’s ginger beer, Mate

Favorite colors: Dark Peacock Green, Royal Purple, Yellow Ochre

Favorite animal: Flamingos, Sea Gulls, Owls, and all her dogs!

Things that make her happy: Big Headbands, Pop Funkos that are Sci-Fi and Horror Movie related, Tropical plants (Hoyas), Jerry’s Artarama, Stickers, Calligraphy Markers, Paint Brushes

Things she actually needs: Ice packs, heat packs, magnesium spray, biofreeze, KT tape, portable phone charger


Food: Spicy snacks, sour/tangy snacks, nuts

Drink: Cold brew, espresso, rum, sparkling water

Favorite color: He loves a good gradient; dark greens, black, garnet red, yellow ochre, cognac brown

Favorite animal: DOGS! But also bears, wolves, and penguins

Things that make him happy: Stickers and patches, clever dad jokes, a good tiki drink

Amy K

Animal: Red Pandas and Tarsiers

Color: Blue and purple

Drink: Energy drinks, hot tea

Food: Tamarind, any sweet & spicy vittles

Things that make her happy: Pokemon, flowers, weapons (lol)

Stockings will be up until December 23rd!

Thank you for your help in making this holiday season wonderful!

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