Discipline vs. Punishment

In this article, we will explain the difference between discipline and punishment, and we will also provide some advice on how you can teach good behavior through healthy discipline with your child.

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Krav Junior Martial Arts Training Over the Summer Lions Krav Maga

Benefits to Krav Junior Training Over the Summer

During the school season, teachers, assistants, and counselors are focused on helping your children learn and grow. But what happens during the summer season when these people are not around? It makes sense that, as a parent, you would want your child to maintain their growth and development over the summer and prevent your child from losing the skills they gained over the last school year.

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Lions Krav Maga dopamine Krav Junior

How to Increase Dopamine in Children, and Why

Have you ever wondered why children and teens seem to be so addicted to their smart phones and other devices? Children’s lack of attention and motivation can be so frustrating, but what do their devices have to do with this?
The answer is… DOPAMINE! It’s science, y’all.

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Paul Besterman Krav Junior Lions Krav Maga

Mr. Paul’s thoughts on Krav Junior

A few weeks ago, I asked one of our Krav Junior instructors, Paul Besterman, to write up a little bit about what he thinks the purpose and value of Krav Junior is. I told him that I didn’t need anything formal… stream of consciousness was fine. I just wanted to get his thoughts on it. When I got his email a couple of weeks later, I was moved to tears.

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nurture parent skillz lions krav maga

Parent Skills: Nurturing

Every parent wants to provide their child with a safe, loving, and nurturing environment. But how can we ensure that our actions are aligned with that goal? Read on to learn 4 ways to include more nurturing in your daily interactions with your child.

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Krav Junior SKILLZ J Division Lions Krav Maga

Brain Science & Action Based Learning

Did you know that brain science shows that if children are sitting all day, they are missing out on vital movements that increase brain function and activity? We as Krav Junior Teachers (especially the ones teaching kids age 3-7), are helping our students develop their brains in ways that help them in every facet of their lives!

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Katie Fryer Lions Krav Maga Instructor Krav Junior Austin TX

Parent Skills: Prompting

How can you set your child up for daily success? One of the most effective ways to do this is to focus on PROMPTING instead of punishment. Here’s what you need to know about prompting your child toward good behavior and decisions…

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Parent Skills: Attunement

Do you ever feel like you can read your child’s mind? Like, you know exactly what they are about to say or do next? This is attunement. Improving your attunement skills will allow you to create a more patient and understanding relationship with your child. Check it: 1. Modify Your[…]

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