Krav Junior Lions Krav Maga Parent Support

How Parental Involvement Increases Child Success

Parents are the child’s first teacher. They are the foundational element to their child’s success in everything. The enthusiasm and support, or lack thereof, that a parent expresses can make or break a child’s experience and/or accomplishments. Because Krav Junior is a child development program as well as a self[…]

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Lions Krav Maga Krav Junior Helping Children Feel Secure in Uncertain World

Helping Children Feel Secure in an Uncertain World

The news can be full of stories and information that can be scary and anxiety-inducing, especially for children. If adults are feeling worried, imagine how children must be feeling. No matter the age, children can be emotionally affected by the news and begin to feel anxious about what they are hearing. For this reason, it’s important for parents to spend time connecting with their children and implementing ways that help them feel secure.

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Endorphins! The Key to Effort & Focus in Children and Teens

Endorphins are natural chemicals produced in the body to reduce pain and boost happiness. These “feel-good” chemicals cause a state of euphoria, and are released during exercise or boosted through laughter or excitement. In recent years, we have been seeing more research on how endorphins contribute to learning, and as a result, physical activity is now considered essential to brain development. All the research boils down to one basic principle: when we feel good, we learn better!

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Lions Krav Maga 5th birthday party

Lions 5th Birthday Extravaganza!

SATURDAY, MARCH 7Seminars 2-5pm • Party 6:30-11:30pm We’re kicking off our 5th birthday party with a couple of seminars, and then continuing the festivities with a good old fashioned birthday bash at the gym! THE SEMINARS Women’s Self Defense Seminar Listen to me, sisters — You are worth fighting for![…]

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Women’s Self Defense Seminar

Saturday, March 28 // 2pm-5pm // Cost: $59.99 Listen to me, sisters — You are worth fighting for! In this seminar, you will learn concepts, tactics, and techniques that will empower you to walk through the world holding your head high without fear. We will be covering both defending yourself[…]

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Men’s Violence Dynamics Seminar

Saturday, March 7 // 2pm-5pm // At Lions Krav Maga Big Whoop. Wanna fight about it? This one is for MEN ONLY! We know that violence dynamics between women and men are different, but you gotta learn how, why, and what to do about it. Get Tickets Here: This[…]

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Blue/Brown Belt Test & Watch Party

Saturday, February 8 Brown Belt Test & Watch Party starts at 12:30pm Blue Belt Test & Watch Party starts at 3:00pm To register for this test, you must have completed the minimum number of required classes and have gotten your Permission to Test form signed by either Katie or Jason.[…]

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