Summer Slam Conditioning Class

What’s this 10am Summer Slam on Saturday, May 25?  So glad you asked!  Fitness instructors Mark and Tracy are going to be guiding you through a 75 minute, med ball slammin’, conditioning extravaganza! Members can sign up regularly though the ZenPlanner (online or the app) class calendar HERE. Not a[…]

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We won the Armadillo Award!

Thank you to everyone for voting for us! WE DID IT! WEEEEE!!!! We are so excited and honored to have won the Armadillo Award in the “Just Because We Love You” category.  Lions was up against some really stiff competition, because let’s face it, Austin has a great local business[…]

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Lions April Bar Hours

Bar Hours // Saturday, April 20 @ 6pmLocation: The Butterfly Bar (2307 Manor Rd) Lions (and friends) assemble! If you’ve ever been a student at Lions, or are friends with someone who’s a student here, or you just like a good party, come join us on Saturday, April 20th. We’ll[…]

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Parent’s Night Out

PARENT’S NIGHT OUTSaturday, May 4th // 5-10pm $25 per child Back by popular demand! Let us take care of the kids for the evening while you go on a fun date, catch up with friends, or just get some rest. We’ll have a pizza party and provide lots of fun, age-appropriate[…]

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Krav Maga Pistol Course

Space is limited! Grab a spot for this 2 day seminar and learn from our fearless leader, Jason Fryer! The course will be from 2pm-6pm on Satuday, May 11 and Sunday, May 12. Day 1 will be at Lions and will cover pistol handling, dry fire, disarms, and gun retention.[…]

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Paul Besterman Krav Junior Lions Krav Maga

Mr. Paul’s thoughts on Krav Junior

A few weeks ago, I asked one of our Krav Junior instructors, Paul Besterman, to write up a little bit about what he thinks the purpose and value of Krav Junior is. I told him that I didn’t need anything formal… stream of consciousness was fine. I just wanted to get his thoughts on it. When I got his email a couple of weeks later, I was moved to tears.

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rachel doda lions krav maga

Badass of the Month: Rachel Doda

“I’ve done a lot of stuff,” said Rachel Doda, Lions’ Badass of the Month. She’s traveled the world, gone skydiving (it was a whim, which her mom said was “nucking futs”), got her BFA in computer animation, and landed a dream job in Austin as layout and storyboard artist for Rooster Teeth Productions.

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nurture parent skillz lions krav maga

Parent SKILLZ: Nurturing

Every parent wants to provide their child with a safe, loving, and nurturing environment. But how can we ensure that our actions are aligned with that goal? Read on to learn 4 ways to include more nurturing in your daily interactions with your child.

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Spring-o Bingo!

Step into Spring-o with Krav Maga Bingo! On April 1st, we will begin a month of Krav Maga Bingo for sweet prizes!! Check Out These Prizes!!!• Fairtex 16 oz. gloves in Lions colors! • Sanubel Shin Guards – black on black on black! • Free Lions T-shirt of YOUR CHOICE![…]

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