Lions Krav Maga Krav Junior Goal Setting

Goal Setting

Goal setting is one of characteristics that is the most highly linked to the success that individuals can have. Top athletes and successful people all use goal setting. While it is a trait that is most often associated with teens and adults, younger children can also benefit greatly from beginning[…]

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Lions Krav Maga Krav Junior Empowerment vs Enabling

Empowerment vs. Enabling: The Fine Line of Parenting

We live in a competitive world, and most parents would jump at the chance to give their child every advantage imaginable. The world can also be unkind and, as caregivers, we feel a need to protect our children from everything possible. Yes, parents are supposed to help and protect their children, but when does supporting children turn into enabling? The difference between empowering and enabling is a fine line and can prove to be difficult to decipher. We’re here to help.

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Lions Krav Maga Krav Junior Parent SKILLZ Patience

Parent SKILLZ: Patience

Patience is one of those things that we all need to practice more of, and the only way to increase it is to exercise our patience muscle by, for example, taking a few extra seconds when responding to poor behavior. Patience demonstrates compassion, empathy, and self-control on your part. Sometimes all you need to do is think about responding in the most patient manner to help re-direct your child. A few seconds can make a big difference!

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Krav Junior Lions Krav Maga Parent SKILLZ Connection

Parent SKILLZ: Connection

One of the most important things that you can do as a parent is establish a connection with your child. In fact, children need connection more than anything else. Here are a few ways that you can begin to build a great connection with your child…

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Lions Krav Maga Krav Junior Temperament

How to Manage Your Child’s Temperament

Every child is born with their own unique way of interacting with the world. Some are flexible in the midst of change, while others may experience stress when presented with new situations or a change in schedule. This is what is referred to as temperament. Each type of temperament has[…]

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Krav Junior Lions Krav Maga School Readiness

School Readiness – What Teachers Really Look For

Helping young children prepare for their first day of school doesn’t happen overnight. Providing them with consistent, purposeful experiences that support their overall development, early on, will get them started on the road to school readiness. Doing this in a game-based, nurturing environment that focuses on developing the whole child, will set the stage for an easier adjustment to school and the classroom environment.

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Krav Junior Lions Krav Maga Routines

Routines – Shifting Into A New Normal

The recent closures of schools and businesses are widespread and have led to major disruptions in the daily routines of families. Children are trying to adjust to doing school at home, and parents are now trying to balance their new work-from-home life with a new role – teacher to their children. To cope, it’s important for families to implement daily routines that incorporate school and work along with family time and hobbies.

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Krav Junior Lions Krav Maga Parent Support

How Parental Involvement Increases Child Success

Parents are the child’s first teacher. They are the foundational element to their child’s success in everything. The enthusiasm and support, or lack thereof, that a parent expresses can make or break a child’s experience and/or accomplishments. Because Krav Junior is a child development program as well as a self[…]

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Lions Krav Maga Krav Junior Helping Children Feel Secure in Uncertain World

Helping Children Feel Secure in an Uncertain World

The news can be full of stories and information that can be scary and anxiety-inducing, especially for children. If adults are feeling worried, imagine how children must be feeling. No matter the age, children can be emotionally affected by the news and begin to feel anxious about what they are hearing. For this reason, it’s important for parents to spend time connecting with their children and implementing ways that help them feel secure.

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Endorphins! The Key to Effort & Focus in Children and Teens

Endorphins are natural chemicals produced in the body to reduce pain and boost happiness. These “feel-good” chemicals cause a state of euphoria, and are released during exercise or boosted through laughter or excitement. In recent years, we have been seeing more research on how endorphins contribute to learning, and as a result, physical activity is now considered essential to brain development. All the research boils down to one basic principle: when we feel good, we learn better!

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