How to Register for the Orange Belt Test

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Orange Belt Test Lions Krav Maga How to Register

How to Register for the Orange Belt Test

  1. Check your Rank Card at the front desk to make sure you have completed all of the requisite classes.
  1. Pick up a Permission to Test form at the front desk.
  1. Find the Section One Curriculum in the left sidebar after logging into the Lion’s member website, and print yourself a copy.
  1. Mark every technique with a 1, 2, or 3…
  • 1= What even is this??
  • 2= I am familiar with this technique, but I need more practice.
  • 3= I know this technique very well.
  1. After marking up your curriculum, bring it along with your Permission to Test form to Jason or Katie to discuss.
  1. If they give you permission to test, they will sign your form. At this point, you can return your form to the front desk to register.

Permission forms are due by 7 days before the test date. 

If you have any questions please email us at or ask the person at the front desk!

Good luck, Lions!

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