Lions & Delta Variant

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Lions & Delta Variant

For the past year and half, we have been adjusting our policies at Lions in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic. We have always taken a stance that balances promoting public health with personal responsibility. Austin has recently moved into Stage 5 COVID restrictions due to the spread of the new Delta variant. Read on to learn how we are adjusting our schedule & policies as a result.

Mask Policy

Masks must be worn covering the nose & mouth in all indoor spaces at Lions Krav Maga in the following circumstances:

  • By all unvaccinated individuals at all times in all areas inside the gym
  • By all children under age 12 at all times in all areas inside the gym
  • By vaccinated individuals in common areas (lobby, hallways, restrooms, offices, etc.)
  • By vaccinated individuals on the mats at all times except when they are participating in class
  • By all students and staff while training in the designated Mask-Only classes
    • Our current Mask-Only classes will include the following: Tuesday & Thursday 5:30pm Heavy Bag, Tuesday 7:30pm Krav Maga 1, Saturday 10:45am Krav Maga 1.
    • Please be sure to consult the schedule for current updates.
  • By all Lions staff while teaching or interacting with Krav Junior classes

After signing a statement certifying that they have been fully vaccinated, vaccinated individuals may remove their masks while participating in the adult/teen classes as long as they are NOT designated as Mask-Only classes. Masks must still be worn before & after class, and in all common areas.

Minimizing Contact Between Kids & Adults

At this point in time, children under age 12 cannot get vaccinated, and we all have a duty to protect the kids who come to Lions to learn how to protect themselves. Therefore, we will be implementing the following schedule & policy changes to minimize risk for our youngest students.

  • The adult evening classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday will begin at 6:15pm in order to give a 15 minute window between the time the Krav Junior classes end & the adult classes begin.
  • The adult Saturday morning classes will begin at 9:45am and 10:45am to reduce the contact between adults/teens and Krav Junior students in between classes in the common areas.
  • The Tuesday & Thursday 5:30pm Heavy Bag classes will require masks for all, regardless of vaccination status.
  • All adults/teens must continue to wear their mask until the class begins and must immediately put it back on as soon as class ends to ensure we are minimizing risk of exposure to the kids as they are leaving their class.
  • Masks must always be worn by everyone, regardless of vaccination status, in all common areas including the lobby, the back lobby, the offices, and hallways.         

We remain so grateful to all of y’all in the Lions community for your understanding & support as we’ve navigated these changes over the last year and a half. As UFC fighter Connor McGregor says, “Face adversity head on in your training, and you will conquer it smoothly in your fight.” That’s true in the UFC, and it’s true in life as well. We’re gonna get through this, y’all. A little adversity ain’t got nothing on us.

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