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Check Out Our Space!

At long last, 3300 W. Anderson Lane is ours!

On August 17, 2019, we were finally able to move into our new and improved space, the one we’ve been dreaming of for years! With the generous help of our wonderful community, we were able to move in almost overnight!

The new location is a major upgrade in so many ways: Three training rooms! New offices! A shower available for students and staff! Heavy bags! And more!!

Training Room 1

With over 1100 square feet of training space with Swain Dollamur Hybrid mats, Training Room 1 is where the majority of our Krav Maga and Fight Tactics classes will be held. The square footage is not the only upgrade! Thanks to the brilliant community artist, Jean-Pierre Verdijo, the Lions mural is bigger & better than ever! 

Looking for pads? The punch shields and kick shields are all stored in our custom built pad storage shelves in the corner of the training room, and the Thai Pads and focus mitts are mounted on the walls.

One exceptional feature of this space is the two large doorways leading into the Fitness Room. This way, when we host large seminars or workshops, there’s room for everyone!

Training Room 2: The Fitness Room

At over 800 square feet and heavy bag rack, this room is where all the majority of our conditioning classes will take place, in addition to a few other classes on the schedule here and there. The Fitness Room has a variety of equipment that we use in our conditioning classes in addition to the twelve 6-foot double ended heavy bags, including steel maces, jump ropes, medicine balls, sandbags, and penalty boxes, among others! You’ll never be bored with all of these cool toys to play with!

Training Room 3

At just over 500 square feet, Training Room 3 is the dedicated training room for our littlest warriors – the Kids Division! This is also where we can hold private training sessions during regular class hours. The back room is a real gem because the walls are heavily reinforced! They’re strong enough to handle us training on them without the neighbors hearing a peep!

Creature Comforts

We have a shower now, and it’s for both students and staff to enjoy. We try to keep our showers down to under 5 minutes out of courtesy for our fellow students, but you can rinse off the well-earned sweat before going on with your day!

There are two unisex bathrooms located in the very back, as well as a water fountain for your use. Feel free to fill up your reusable water bottle as needed or run by for a quick sip between drills. We also have a baby-changing station for parents with little ones.

The fridge is located in the lobby, where you can grab a water or Gatorade and mark on the clipboard that you either paid for it with cash, or by charging to your account.

We keep the rental gear in the front desk office. Rentals are available during your first two weeks of membership for $3 each. Ask a staff member behind the front desk window if you need to rent gear.

Staff Offices

This is the Guest Services office. This is where you can ask someone for help if you need to rent gear, check in, or buy something from the Proshop.

We have offices for our Admin team now! If you have a question or concern, feel free to knock!

The Check-In Process

Just like before, when signing in for a class, the first thing you do is walk up to the iPad kiosk, which is now located in the front desk window, and check in by typing your name and clicking on the class you reserved. Then, look for your name in the card boxes, and when you’ve found your card, toss it in the card slot located near your class!

The white boards located above the slot will tell you what gear you need for that particular class, so make sure you take a moment to read what’s written!

That’s our show, folks! We’ve been planning everything about this new location for a long time, and it’s a dream come true. We hope you enjoy all of these fabulous upgrades, we couldn’t have reached this level of success without the continued support of our community!

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