Are you a True Hustler?

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Are you a True Hustler?

By Melody Shuman

In this competitive world that we live in, it’s not enough to have a hustler mentality… you must also have a strategy in place…

True hustlers are people who know how to make something happen by constantly using their minds to find new ways to improve themselves.

Here are some qualities of true hustlers:

They Invest in Education
True hustlers know that knowledge is power and they know that success is fueled by power. They will pick up a book, read an article, Google a question, or consult with a mentor at any chance they get to perfect their craft.

They Always Strive for Improvement
True hustlers are on a mission to reach greatness, not just by the status of their bank account, but by the amount of respect and admiration they gain from others. They are not in the chase for popularity; they are in the chase for legacy.

They Get Sh*t Done
True hustlers know how to get the job done whether they know the traditional way or not. They don’t make excuses or wait for others to show them the way; they simply roll up their sleeves and take action!

They Make Sh*t Happen
True hustlers are always on the lookout for opportunities. If they can’t find one, they make one! Too many people sit around and wait for opportunities to drop on their lap. True hustlers understand that success is something that they personally have to initiate by taking action and seeking opportunities.

They See Obstacles as Challenges
True hustlers never make excuses when obstacles get in the way. They know there is always a way out of a problem, and they will never stop trying until they’ve overcome the obstacle in front of them.

These are concepts that you won’t learn from a professor at an ivy-league college classroom because they involve dealing with obstacles and situations that a textbook cannot convey.

What we did not learn in school when we were growing up is that school can only supply you with a small percent of knowledge to succeed as an adult… the rest is up to you to learn on your own!

Life is a curveball and it takes a true hustler’s mentality to really figure it out and master it!

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