Reservations are highly recommended. Our Adult/Teen classes have limited space, so we encourage reservations in advance if you want to secure your spot in a particular class. We also have a waitlist in case the class fills up. If you are on the waitlist, you will receive an email or a text informing you when a spot becomes available in the class. We almost always have a couple of people drop a few hours before the class, so people on the waitlist usually do get added to the class.

• You will be able to reserve your spot in class up to 10 days before the start time of class and up to 15 minutes before the start time of class.
• You may cancel your reservation up to 6 hours in advance with no penalty.
• If you don’t cancel your reservation before the 6-hour cut-off time, then . . .

OPTION 1: TRANSFER RESERVATION – You may find someone to take over your reservation. Most people use the private Lions Message Board group on Facebook. The person who takes your spot CANNOT already have an existing reservation in that class. Once someone has agreed to take your spot, you must inform the admin team before the start time of class to let us know the full name of the person taking your spot (either tag us in the post or send us an email). Otherwise we won’t know, so we won’t be able to transfer the reservation & you’ll be on the hook for the no-show.

OPTION 2: USE A FREEBIE – Everyone starts their membership with 5 freebies. You may exchange one of your freebies to avoid being charged a penalty for late canceling the class or no-showing. In order to use a freebie, you must email before the start time of class to let us know that you would like to use one of your freebies. Students will receive an additional 3 freebies after each year of membership. We also frequently do contests or competitions in which additional freebies are one of the prizes.

OPTION 3: LATE CANCELLATION FEE – If we do not receive an email before class letting us know who your reservation should be transferred to, or letting us know that you’d like to use one of your 5 freebies, then you may still cancel your reservation within the 6-hour window before class, but you will incur a $10 fee, which will be charged to the account you have on file during your next billing cycle. Students who no-show on their reservations will also incur the same fee. The fee amount was decided democratically by polling the entire Lions student body; the amount was chosen because it was enough to prevent people from canceling their reservations willy nilly, but also not so much that it was overly burdensome. However, if you need an exemption from this policy for a specific reason, please reach out to us through email at

In the case of a class having 3 or fewer students reserved within 2 hours of the start time of that class, the class will be canceled and any student reservations will be transferred to another Lions class happening at that same time OR if there is not another class option at that time, any reserved students will be informed of the class cancellation via text message.

Reservations can be made on the password-protected Member Site at, or by downloading the ZenPlanner student app.


Students may upgrade to a longer membership term at any time during the membership; we require a minimum of 48-hours notice via email to for all membership upgrades.

When you upgrade in the middle of your membership term, the new membership terms will begin on your next tuition billing date. At that point, the new membership terms will start completely fresh. For example, if you start with a 4-month Trimester membership in January, and then upgrade to a 12-month membership two months later, then your new 12-month membership commitment will begin in March. In other words, March will be month 1 of 12.

We do not provide downgrades mid-membership to shorter membership terms.


The freeze policy allows you to temporarily suspend your membership in accordance with the following terms:

• You may freeze your membership once per contractual term for a minimum of one month and a maximum of three (3) consecutive months, in one-month increments, for a fee of $10 per month in place of tuition on the billing dates for those months.
• The remaining time on your membership, and the associated tuition bills, will resume after the freeze period is over.
• The period during which your membership is frozen does not count towards your membership term. If you have a 12-month membership, and you decide to go on hold for a month after attending classes for 6 of those 12 months, the remaining 6 months of your 12-month membership will resume after your freeze period is over.
• Any tuition bills that are due before the start of the freeze period, even if it’s due only 1 day before the freeze period, will still be due on schedule.
• If you are part of a Family Discount Plan in which a 3rd person’s tuition is free, the family discount will be suspended during the freeze period. The Family Plan discount only applies when 2 members are paying full-fee tuition for that month.

In order to request a membership freeze, you must fill out the Membership Freeze Request Form at this link:

Freeze Request Forms must be sent in a minimum of 48 hours prior to the start of the freeze term to allow us time for processing.


Medical Exemption — If a doctor orders you to not engage in rigorous physical activity due to pregnancy, an injury, or illness, you may provide Lions Krav Maga with written documentation from your doctor, and we will waive the hold fee and hold term limits.

Required Travel — If you are on military deployment, or are required to travel for work or school, you may provide Lions Krav Maga written documentation of these requirements to have the hold fee and hold term limits waived.

Documentation can be provided via email to


There are three types of cancellation:

(1) Standard Non-renewal
(2) Contract Buy-out
(3) Contract Exempt Cancellation

To request cancellation, students must fill out the Cancellation Request Form at this link:

STANDARD NON-RENEWAL – In order to prevent the automatic renewal of your membership, we must receive a written notice of non-renewal via the Membership Cancellation Request Form or an email to, at least 30 days before the final date of the current membership term. If we have not received a written request for non-renewal from you by that point, the membership will automatically renew as per the terms in your Membership Agreement. Once the membership has automatically renewed, the student may opt to complete the renewal term or do a contract buy-out.
Cancellation Request Form:

CONTRACT BUY-OUT – If you do not wish to complete your contracted membership term, you may opt to buy out your contract by paying the Buy-Out Fee. This fee is equal to your membership’s next tuition bill in full, plus 20% of the remaining cancelled tuition bills. For memberships billed monthly, this will equal one month’s tuition in full, plus 20% of the remaining month’s canceled tuition bills. For Platinum memberships, this would equal one full quarter’s tuition in full, plus 20% of the remaining quarter’s canceled tuition bills.

Example: If you wish to cancel your 12-month membership after only 6 months, your Buy-Out fee will equal 1 month in full + 20% of the 5 cancelled months’ tuition bills.

Once you have paid the Buy-Out Fee, your membership will be canceled upon receipt with no further membership obligations. To request a Contract Buy-Out, students fill out the Membership Cancellation Request Form, which can be found at the following link:

Please allow up to 48 hours for processing.

CONTRACT EXEMPT CANCELLATION* – The following circumstances will allow for an exemption to the standard cancellation policy.

• Permanent Relocation – A minimum of 30-days written notice of cancellation submitted via the Membership Cancellation Request Form, with evidence of permanent relocation 30+ miles away from any Lions Krav Maga submitted via email to
*This exemption does not apply to virtual training memberships.

• Military Deployment – A minimum of 48-hour written notice of intent to cancel with evidence of military deployment submitted to

• Long-term Injury or Illness – A minimum of 48-hour written notice of intent to cancel submitted via the Membership Cancellation Request Form, along with written verification from your doctor that you have a long-term or permanent illness or injury that prohibits you from further training even with reasonable accommodations sent via email to

Once your cancellation request and any associated documentation have been received, you will receive either an email confirming your cancellation or an email explaining that there was an error in the request along with instructions on how to proceed. You should receive it within 48 hours; if you do not receive a response within that time, please send us another email or text us at (512) 588-3356 to confirm that we received your notice.

Cancellation Request Form:

***We never automatically cancel memberships or renewals due to lack of use!***
***We must receive a written request for any membership adjustment.***

Membership Adjustment Policy

We cannot process membership adjustments such as a Membership Freeze or Membership Cancellation when there is an unpaid past-due balance on the account. The account must be brought current before we can process those requests. To add new billing information to your account, log into the Member Site at For more information on billing policies, see the “Autopay Policy” and “Late Fee Policy” below.


While we prefer for students to be on autopay for their monthly bills, we do not require it. If a student would prefer to pay each month on the Member Site or pay in cash, we can turn off the autopay on the account.

However, students must still have at least one account on file with us; if a bill is over 7 days past due, we will charge any account we have on file for you for the unpaid balance and any associated late fees.


If a bill is overdue for more than 7 days, a $15 fee will be automatically applied to the student’s account for each unpaid billing item.

To avoid late fees, students may update their billing information on their account via the Member Site by logging in at

New billing information may be added to an account, but old billing accounts cannot be deleted via the Member Site; to remove an old billing account, just email with your request & we will take care of it.


The standard method for providing refunds is to reallocate that amount towards your next bill(s) on your Lions account. If you prefer to have the fees refunded to you directly, you must request this in writing to

EVENT REGISTRATIONS → You may cancel any event registration that you have paid for in full with a 100% refund up until 7 days before the start date of that event if you provide your cancellation and refund request, in writing, to a minimum of 7 days in advance.

You may receive a 50% refund for cancellations for any event that is paid in full if you cancel and request a refund in writing to a minimum of 48 hours in advance of that event’s start time. We do not accept cancellations or provide refunds or credits within 48 hours of the start date of the event.

PRIVATE EVENTS → In the case of deposits paid for special events, that deposit is non-refundable. The remainder of the event fee follows the same policy as that which is stated above under “Event Registrations.”

PERSONAL TRAINING → Personal Training packages are non-refundable. You may cancel a previously scheduled private lesson within 24 hours of that lesson and still retain the credit on your account for that lesson. If you do not provide us with 24 hours notice to reschedule, you will forfeit that lesson.

MEMBERSHIP TUITION → We do not provide tuition refunds unless you were wrongfully charged according to the terms of your Membership Agreement contract. We do not provide tuition refunds due to lack of attendance.


When you sign up, you will receive a Rank Card that will live in the card boxes at the front desk; they are filed alphabetically by last name. Whenever you take a technical class, you’ll find your card and drop it in the grey card holders on the wall by the entrance of the training room of your class. You do not need to make any marks on your card whatsoever – we handle that piece. We will mark the card every time for your class, and then we’ll file it back in the box.

You only get marks on your card for technical classes; Strength & Mobility (S&M) conditioning classes do not count towards your next rank. When all of the boxes are marked for your current belt, that means you have met the minimum requirement to be graded for your next rank.



Sign in for your classes at the kiosk & put your card in the basket. This helps us monitor attendance and class sizes; it will also track your attendance in Zenplanner so that you can see your stats over time. By remembering to sign in & put your rank card in the grey box in front of your training room, you’ll be saving the desk person time, and you’ll get credit towards your next belt!


The work that we do in class requires contact with your teammates. Do yourself & them a favor by following these guidelines → Wear clean clothes, use deodorant, bring an extra T-shirt if you sweat a lot & are going to train in more than one class, brush your teeth, your nails short (fingers & toes!), and sanitize your gear after use. For more advice on managing sweat, visit


Some classes will involve more contact than others. Please wear full coverage clothing that will keep anything from slipping out even if you’re wrestling (trust us). If you need to change clothes (even just shirts), please use the bathrooms in the back. Do not leave clothing or gear on the floor or otherwise strewn about. There are shelves and lockers in the back lobby for gear bags or other personal items. If you’d like to use one of the lockers, please bring your own lock.


No outdoor shoes or socks on the mat! Along with sanitizing the mats regularly, we try to keep the mats clean by not tracking germs onto the mat in the first place. Students can train on the mats in mat shoes (a pair of shoes reserved solely for being worn on the mats) or in bare feet (if you walk in barefoot, please clean your feet before stepping on the mat). There are flip flops in a bin outside of each of the restrooms; please wear something different on your feet in the bathrooms than what you wear on the mat. Please do not leave your shoes and/or socks on the floor. There are shoe shelves in the front lobby.


For Section 1, we require the following safety gear for all students age 13 and up — Groin protector, mouthguard, 16 oz. boxing gloves, and shin guards. For Section 2 and above, students are also required to have a pair of MMA gloves. For many classes, you may not use all of your safety gear in every session, but you may be asked to put on your safety gear at any point, so we ask that you bring all of your gear to the gym every time. A groin protector and mouthguard should be worn for every technical class. You can also expect boxing gloves to be required for every S&M: Bag class. Fight Church requires groin protection, mouth guard, 16 oz. gloves, and shin guards.

We do have a few pairs of rental boxing gloves, MMA gloves, and shin guards available for special circumstances. Students can purchase their gear anywhere they’d like, though we do have an online & onsite pro-shop if you would like to buy your gear in-house. You can purchase onsite at Lions, or you can visit our online pro-shop at


If you have a contagious illness, or an illness that you’re not sure if it’s contagious or not, please play it safe and stay home and recover before returning to train. If you have a fever, please wait at least 24 hours after your fever breaks before coming back to the gym. If you have a rash or an open wound, it must be 100% covered the entire time you’re training.


We strongly encourage students to take all jewelry and watches off when training, particularly if it’s breakable or made out of hard plastic or metal. We do not allow belts with metal or hard plastic clasps on the mats.


Weapons of any kind are not allowed on the mats. We recommend that you leave weapons safely in your vehicle while you are training. If you carry a firearm, it must be placed in a LOCKED compartment while you’re training. All weapons should be kept safely out of reach of children at all times.



When the instructor calls “TIME”, that means stop training immediately, stop talking, and look at the instructor. This is a practice that keeps everyone safe while training.


At Lions, there is no unspoken rule that you have to tough something out that doesn’t feel comfortable for you! In our gym, no means no, no questions asked. You do not have to justify your “no.”

When we are training with a partner, we practice getting consent for how hard or intensely we’re training, how much force we’re applying, and what tactics & techniques we are practicing. We practice setting our own boundaries and respecting others’ boundaries as well.

If at any point you are in physical, mental, or emotional discomfort while training, you are welcome to ask your partner or the instructor for a modification. We believe that self defense is for EVERYONE; all of our instructors have specialized training in providing modifications & scaffolded instruction so that our classes are fully inclusive for all of our students.


We know that it’s hard to keep quiet when your partner asks you for help, or when you see that they’re doing something incorrectly & they’re getting frustrated. However, ask yourself these questions…

Are you sure that you know what they should be doing instead?
Are you sure your advice won’t end up with them (or you!) getting hurt?
Could your advice overwhelm them or potentially frustrate them further?

Instead of teaching your partner or walking them through the technique, leave the teaching to the teacher. Stay focused on your own training, and if you need to, call the instructor over if your partner needs a hand.


Whenever we are using training weapons in class, we ALWAYS treat them as if they were real. That means that we don’t point the training guns at people as a joke, we keep our fingers off the trigger, and we NEVER play around with the training knives as if we’re going to cut or stab someone else or ourselves.

It’s better training all around, and you never know what the other people in the room have been through. Show respect for your training partners by having respect for the tools we use to train.


In our technical classes, we switch partners often. This practice gives everyone the opportunity to train with people of different skill & ability levels, different shapes & sizes, different genders & ages, etc.

As a result, students learn how the techniques will require adjustments based on each person’s unique body & circumstances. It makes everyone better, and it has the added benefit of helping everyone get to know each other! So, when you’re in class, look for someone you haven’t trained with often & ask if you can partner up!


In other words, take it easy there, partner! We only have one body, and so do our training partners. There’s no point in breaking it just to prove how strong or fast or tough you are. Slow down & take the necessary care to protect yourself and your partners so that we can all enjoy training well into the future.

Word to the wise → Just because someone is bigger or stronger than you does NOT mean that they want to get punched hard, or kicked hard, or treated any more roughly than anyone else. Please do not make the assumption that they are up for being a punching bag just because they’re big or strong. The gym needs to be a safe place for everyone. (This goes back to the whole “Consent is Key” piece, which you can find above.)


We’ve got a pretty fantastic community here at Lions. The students, instructors, staff people, and owners all hang out together. We like each other. We will almost certainly like you too!

If we do become friends, please do not take advantage of that or use it to pressure us into “hooking you up” or letting you get away with breaking the rules. Our policies exist to keep our community safe & healthy & thriving. Deadlines are deadlines. Rules are rules. If you have questions about any of the rules, check out the Membership Policies section on this page or the FAQ page on the Member Site.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t reach out to us about special circumstances if you need a hand! But please do not assume that because we’re homies that the policies won’t still apply.


If we’re doing our jobs right, you will be challenged mentally, physically, and emotionally. Sometimes training forces us to face things that are uncomfortable for us. Community helps us to ride that wave, to wipe out, and to stand back up and face what we’ve been avoiding.

You’ll probably see this process unfold in yourself & your training partners. That’s how the magic happens.

***If you find yourself feeling anxious, uncomfortable, abnormally angry, or triggered during your training journey, please reach out to us in person, or email us at, or contact us on social media. We’ve got your back, and we are here to help.


Part of being a part of this community means taking care of each other and our shared resources, like the mats, pads, and gear.

At the end of class, we ask that everyone please sanitize any pads or gear that were used with the sanitizing wipes that are available in Room 1 and Room 2, and to please put m. Students also frequently volunteer to mop the mats after class to ensure that they’re clean for the next group. The sanitizing spray for the mats is in the utility closet by the back door on top of the cabinets (we always keep these out of reach of children since the sanitizing mix contains chemicals), and there are two mops hanging on the wall by the mop sink, which is right next to the utility closet by the back door.

We also ask that everyone be conscientious about taking care of the materials in the building. For example, setting the steel maces & kettlebells down on the mats gently instead of slamming them down or letting them drop, which could cut the mats. And everyone always appreciates it when people put materials away after use. It keeps everything looking good & moving along smoothly!


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