Krav Junior Self Defense for kids

Self Defense Training Saved This Child From Abduction

Last week, a father of one of our students shared an article with us about an attempted abduction with the following words, “I wanted to share the article below and also thank y’all for helping us teach R—- how to protect himself. I really like how Lions talks out different scenarios to the kids! I think that really helps the kids connect the dots if or when it happens in real life.”

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melanie rice lions krav maga badass of the month austin tx

Badass of the Month: Melanie Rice

Melanie Rice started training with Lions Krav Maga in January, 2019. Within the first few months of her membership, she proved to the world (or at least to her attacker) just how much of a badass she had already become. On April 11, 2019, Melanie had to use what she’d learned in class to defend herself when a man assaulted her in a women’s shower room. Here’s how it went down…

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We won the Armadillo Award!

Thank you to everyone for voting for us! WE DID IT! WEEEEE!!!! We are so excited and honored to have won the Armadillo Award in the “Just Because We Love You” category.  Lions was up against some really stiff competition, because let’s face it, Austin has a great local business[…]

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Paul Besterman Krav Junior Lions Krav Maga

Mr. Paul’s thoughts on Krav Junior

A few weeks ago, I asked one of our Krav Junior instructors, Paul Besterman, to write up a little bit about what he thinks the purpose and value of Krav Junior is. I told him that I didn’t need anything formal… stream of consciousness was fine. I just wanted to get his thoughts on it. When I got his email a couple of weeks later, I was moved to tears.

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rachel doda lions krav maga

Badass of the Month: Rachel Doda

“I’ve done a lot of stuff,” said Rachel Doda, Lions’ Badass of the Month. She’s traveled the world, gone skydiving (it was a whim, which her mom said was “nucking futs”), got her BFA in computer animation, and landed a dream job in Austin as layout and storyboard artist for Rooster Teeth Productions.

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Badass of the Month: Norbi Zylberberg

BADASS OF THE MONTHNorberto “Norbi” Zylberberg Last week, Norbi passed his orange belt test after starting Krav maga less than 2 years ago with no previous martial arts experience. But that’s not what makes him badass. In fact, his two teenage sons also go to Lions. They already had their[…]

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Lisa Jones Badass of the Month Lions Krav Maga

Badass of the Month: Lisa Jones

“Lisa is a great partner to train with and always gives it her all. She has a positive and sunny outlook and always makes me laugh. She is 100% on learning and improving at every technique.”  But is this the only thing that makes Lisa a badass? Heck naw! Check[…]

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Las Vegas.

When I checked my Facebook this morning, the horrible news about what happened in Las Vegas was the first thing I saw. I was filled with the same shock and grief that I’m sure everyone felt when they first got the news. As the day went on, that shock turned[…]

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