Armadillo Award – Vote for Lions!

Lions has been nominated for an Armadillo Award!Category: “Just Because We Love You”Voting opens March 18 – ends April 5 We’ve been nominated for an Armadillo Award but we need your vote to win!  We’ve been nominated for Just Because We Love You.  Vote for us HERE.  This is such[…]

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Badass of the Month: Norbi Zylberberg

BADASS OF THE MONTHNorberto “Norbi” Zylberberg Last week, Norbi passed his orange belt test after starting Krav maga less than 2 years ago with no previous martial arts experience. But that’s not what makes him badass. In fact, his two teenage sons also go to Lions. They already had their[…]

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February Fitness Challenge

It’s Fitness Februray, y’all! And that means it’s Challenge time! You may be wondering: “What is BERP?” It stands for Bob’s Electrolyte Replacement Protocol. One electrolyte tab a day can help keep your body right as you crush your fitness goals. Now, here’s what to do to win the challenge:[…]

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Lisa Jones Badass of the Month Lions Krav Maga

Badass of the Month: Lisa Jones

“Lisa is a great partner to train with and always gives it her all. She has a positive and sunny outlook and always makes me laugh. She is 100% on learning and improving at every technique.”  But is this the only thing that makes Lisa a badass? Heck naw! Check[…]

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Las Vegas.

When I checked my Facebook this morning, the horrible news about what happened in Las Vegas was the first thing I saw. I was filled with the same shock and grief that I’m sure everyone felt when they first got the news. As the day went on, that shock turned[…]

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Prepare Lions Krav Maga

Advice for Yellow Belts from Advanced Students

I recently asked some of our more advanced students & instructors what they do a month or two beforehand in order to prepare for their next rank test. Here’s what they had to say . . .  “The personal training I took before the test helped a lot!! I practice moves,[…]

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Lions Krav Maga Violence Dynamics masculinity self defense krav maga in austin texas

Dudes Deserve Better

It’s summer!! I survived my first year of classroom teaching!! Hang on a sec… let me back up. Hi, everyone!  This is Chelsea.  This is me: We’ve probably trained together. If not, then I would like to train with you someday soon.  I work during the day as a preschool teacher,[…]

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Jesse “The Bulldog” Santos

Forget what you’ve heard; Krav Maga is not all about kicking people’s @$$es  and getting ripped. I mean, punching your (padded) training partners in class is basically the most fun  thing ever,  but really, that’s not what Krav Maga is about  about. You catch my drift? Here’s what makes Krav[…]

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Krav Maga Global GIC for Lions Krav Maga Austin TX instructors

Day 1 in the Books!

I just got home from the first day of GIC (General Instructor Course) – the first of 3 courses necessary to become a fully certified Krav Maga Global instructor.  Before I stuff my face with food and pass out for the evening, I wanted to document a few of my[…]

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