Jason Fryer Owner Instructor Lions Krav Maga

Jason Fryer

“I don’t train because I want to  be the biggest, baddest  guy in the room. I train because I want to be able to defend myself and my family, but I also train so that I never have to.  I want that for  my students  as well. Imi said, ‘.[…]

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Katie Fryer Lions Krav Maga

Katie Fryer

Katie is an instructor and co-owner at  Lions Krav Maga.  She has an extensive background in Education and Teaching Methodologies, holding Master’s Degrees in both Curriculum and Instruction from Boston College, and Educational Planning from the University of Texas at  Austin.  For more than 20 years, Katie has had a[…]

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Erika Luck Lions Krav Maga Instructor

Erika Luck

“Erika’s classes are just so much fun. She really teaches outside the norm and every class is a blast!” 

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Claire Rozmus

“Claire is very encouraging! She drives you to do your best, she’s a great motivator, and her demos are super clean and strong – it’s inspiring!”

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Vanessa Lions Krav Maga kids instructor

Vanessa Swesnik

“Vanessa is all about form, which makes her a great instructor. She would rather help us get our form down than rush through it, which is really great for preventing bad habits from forming. Like many of the instructors, she is also patient, encouraging, and attentive, which is perfect when[…]

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Paul Besterman Lions Krav Maga

Paul Besterman

“Paul brings an infectious energy to every class. He has a teaching style that encourages you to bring your best effort to the techniques he is working in class. He is great at assessing students during class and offering feedback on how to tweak what you’re doing to tighten up[…]

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Thomas Wilkerson Lions Krav Maga instructor

Thomas Wilkerson

“I love Thomas’ striking classes. He really drives home the points of being relaxed and how to punch from that position. Before and after class Thomas tries to greet everyone by name and/or tell them “good job,” or “great class.” He does a lot to make you feel welcome.” 

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Karin Dahlstrom Lions Krav Maga instructor

Karin Dahlstrom

“Karin has been my main inspiration since I started training at Lions years ago. I never leave her classes with unanswered questions, and I always leave feeling more motivated to reach her level one day.”

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Mark Tovar Lions Krav Maga instructor

Mark Tovar

“Mark knows how to push the endurance of everyone in class. We’re always going for that one extra kick or combo.” “Mark is very personable. He explains things in very practical ways that make a lot of sense. Mark is patient and tries to help as much as you need.”[…]

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Eddy Rivas Lions Krav Maga Instructor

Eddy Rivas

“Eddy is 100% scrappy. He fights, trains, and teaches with an urgency that makes Krav worth doing.”

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