What is the OODA Loop?

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What is the OODA Loop?

In this week’s #MindsetMonday, let’s talk about something called the OODA loop – Observe, Orient, Decide, Act. This concept demonstrates how to direct one’s energies to defeat an attacker and survive.

OBSERVE the situation. Notice everything: your readiness, the attacker’s readiness, the physical environment, etc.

ORIENT yourself within the situation. Process what you’ve observed & situate yourself within your current circumstance.

DECIDE the next step. This decision will be influenced by the scenario that you’ve observed and oriented yourself within, as well as your skillset and how willing you are to use those skills in the moment.

ACT on your decision! Commit to the action 100% and don’t second guess yourself.

In a fight for your life, your goal is to maintain your OODA loop while interrupting the attacker’s OODA loop as often as possible, forcing them to constantly re-observe and reorient themselves, all while you can take the actions you need to in order to escape safely.

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