Stockings for Staff!

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Stockings for Staff!

Feel like spreading some holiday cheer??

Put a little something in the instructors’ stockings to show them you care. ♥♥

Not sure what to get? We’ve got a few ideas for ya! Check it out…


Favorite food: Mac & cheese

Favorite sweet: Chocolate!

Favorite colors: Blue & green

Hobbies: Making art & baking

Things that make her happy: Fuzzy socks, art supplies, tea, quality pens


Favorite foods: Pizza, hotdogs, kolaches

Favorite drink: Coffee

Favorite colors: Yellow & purple

Hobbies: Boxing, playing pool

Things that make him happy: Cool stickers & patches, a good coffee mug


Favorite food: Sushi, gluten-free baked goods

Favorite treats: Peanut butter cups, gluten-free brownies or chocolate chip cookies, local honey

Favorite animal: Wolf, manatee, brontosaurus… basically loves all animals though

Favorite color: Navy blue, black

Things that make her happy: Journaling, airport novels (you know, the ones they always have in airport bookstores), soft fuzzy socks


Go-to meal: P. Terry’s

Favorite candy: Reeses & Snickers

Hobbies: Psychology, dog training

Things that make him happy: Spoiling his dog, coffee mugs, cool handwraps


Favorite food: Steak

Favorite drink: Whiskey

Favorite color: Blue & yellow

Favorite animal: Pandas & lions

Things that make him happy: Going places he’s never gone, getting fancy for a night out, anything adventurous or novel


Favorite treat: Sour candy

Favorite drink: Coffee

Favorite color: Purple

Things that makes her happy: Stickers, socks, sci-fi books


Favorite foods: Pizza

Favorite snack: Sour cream Pringles

Favorite drink: Coffee (duh)

Favorite animal: His dog, Gatsby

Favorite colors: Yellow, green, red, blue

Things that make him happy: Rocky movies, training, eating lots of food after training


Favorite food: Curry

Favorite snacks: Anything salty & savory

Favorite colors: Moss green & purple

Favorite animal: Black cats

Things that make her happy: Camping with friends, her dog Miggs


Favorite snacks: Anything vegan! Especially vegan chocolate!

Favorite animal: Turtles & dogs

Favorite color: Turquoise

Favorite restaurant: Next Level Burger, Juiceland

Things that make her happy: Cute socks, HEB, plants, playing music, massages

Cohen & Dilly

Favorite snacks: Meat snacks! Anything that is NOT rawhide (it hurts our tummies!)

Favorite game: Fetch with tennis balls, puzzle toys

Favorite toys: Tuffy dog toys, anything that squeeks!

Favorite treats: Knuckle bones!

Things that make us happy: Getting brushed/ groomed, ThunderEase calming spray (we’re scared of thunder!)

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