Self Defense Training Saved This Child From Abduction

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Self Defense Training Saved This Child From Abduction

Last week, a father of one of our Kids Division students sent us an article about an attempted abduction that happened on June 11, 2019.

I wanted to share the article below and also thank y’all for helping us teach Roman how to protect himself. I really like how Lions talks out different scenarios to the kids! I think that really helps the kids connect the dots if or when it happens in real life.

Brook Park, Dad

Police: He tried to kidnap a child at a Walmart. It happened in the bathroom.

Police said he grabbed the child by the arm.

MARIETTA, Ga. — Marietta Police said a man allegedly tried to abduct a child in a Walmart off Cobb Parkway South. 

It happened on Saturday shortly before noon inside of a Walmart bathroom, police said. Michael Beltran, 51, of Marietta allegedly approached a 9-year-old boy and told him that his mother had left him at the store and that the boy needed to come with him. 

When Beltran was unable to lure the boy away verbally, police claim that he grabbed him by the arm. Luckily, authorities said the child was able to break free from Beltran and flee to where his mother was in the store.

The young boy’s mother immediately called 911 as soon as she learned of the incident. When police responded they met with mother and were able to quickly locate Beltran, who was still inside of the store. He was immediately taken into custody.

. . . Luckily, police said this young boy was educated on what to do if approached by a stranger and was able to provide a detailed description of the suspect to his mother –which enabled officers to find him quickly.

LaPorsche Thomas, KVUE, June 11, 2019

This young boy did exactly what we teach our Krav Junior students to do in this case.

#1 — He recognized that Michael Beltran was a “Tricky Person,” and he did not comply with the attempted abductor’s request for him to leave the store with him.

#2 — When Beltran then attempted to drag him out of the store by his arm, the young boy performed a wrist release technique to escape his attacker.

#3 — At this point, the young boy created distance from the attacker and ran away to a safe adult, his mother, and told her exactly what happened, including a description of the attacker.

This is a perfect example of why self defense training is so important for young children! Because this young boy had been educated on how to recognize and resist threats, he was able to keep himself safe, and the “Tricky Person” was arrested.

Way to go, little man!!

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