New Schedule Starting January 2022

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Lions Krav Maga January Class Schedule

New Schedule Starting January 2022

Adult / Teen Schedule

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Notable changes:

We are consolidating the Strength & Conditioning and Heavy Bag classes under the “Strength & Conditioning” umbrella.

Now you will see 2 different types of Strength & Conditioning classes on the schedule:

  • S&M Bag – A 60-minute heavy bag conditioning class with a section on strength building added into the mix.
  • S&M Bells – A 60-minute conditioning class focused on building strength using kettlebells and steel mace.

In Fight Tactics, we are returning to the old ways! The Fight Tactics program will now be divided into 3 domains:

  • Fight Tactics: Ground – What you lovingly know as Groundwork, just under a new name.
  • Fight Tactics: Stand-up – A happy li’l blend of mitt work & boxing/kickboxing sparring drills.
  • Fight Tactics: Mixed – A delicious mixture of Stand-Up and Ground, with a heaping side helping of takedowns. Bring your MMA gloves!

We’ve got two bright and shiny new classes on the schedule!! Get excited, y’all!

  • KM Reps – We will write 5 techniques on the board every class. We’ll run the clock for 5-minute rounds with a 1-minute rest. Your job is to get reps on reps on reps during that 5 minutes, focusing on one technique per round. There will be no demos or whole-class instruction, but Katie will be there to answer questions and give feedback.
  • Groundwork Open Mat – FINALLY!!! Groundwork on Saturdays!! And a chance to roll!! In this class, the instructor will show one technique or one groundwork flow drill at the beginning of class. Afterwards, we will run the clock for 5 minute rounds. If you’re new to Groundwork, keep repping the technique/flow of the day. If you’re more experienced, get in some flow rolling with your friends! **No striking**

Mask Policy Update

  • Starting January 2022, masks will be optional for everyone age 13+ at Lions, both in classes and in the lobby EXCEPT during Krav Junior classes (scroll down to see the Krav Junior schedule).
  • During Krav Junior classes, everyone must wear a mask before and after class. Krav Junior classes will continue to require masks for everyone for the time being.
  • We encourage students to continue doing everything they can to prevent the spread of COVID-19, including wearing masks & staying home if they are exposed or are feeling sick/showing symptoms.

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The Krav Junior schedule will remain the same.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

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