How does this raffle thing work?

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Lions Krav Maga Holiday Party Raffle

How does this raffle thing work?

Want to win prizes? Who am I kidding. Everyone wants to win prizes!! Raffle tickets are free, which makes it the best raffle ever! We have 5 different prizes to raffle off.
Lions Hoodie // Punch Pass // Lions Gym Bag // Escape & Evasion Kit // $50 Lions Gift Card
Each prize option will have its own jar, and you can put as many raffle tickets as you want in any jar you want!
Here’s how it works…
There are 3 tasks on each raffle ticket. When you do that thing, you can get that box initialed by an instructor. You can only get ONE box initialed per class (so even the ones that you can do at home, you still have to come to class if you want to get it initialed). Once you have all 3 boxes initialed, you bring it up to the front desk to put in the prize jar of your choice.
You can only take one raffle ticket at a time, but as soon as you turn in one completed raffle ticket, you can get another one. There is no limit to the total number of raffle tickets that you can turn in for prizes!

ALSO! Raffle tickets can be exchanged for drink tickets at the Holiday Party! So, if you want to horde them and buy everyone a round on you, your dreams of being the most popular person in the room could very well come true!

We will draw the names for the winners at the Holiday Party, so register by clicking HERE so we know you’ll be there!

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