Michaela Johnson

Michaela Johnson

Michaela Johnson is an instructor for both teens and adults. Since 2017, she has been a middle school classroom (so you know she’s tough!), and she has a long history of advocacy for special education. Aside from teaching & training, Michaela spends her free time cooking, reading, and watching Netflix.
Michaela was a long-time student athlete, competing on a national-level softball team for several years. She explored other sports as well at that age, including trying Krav Maga for the first time. In early 2019, Michaela found Lions and decided to truly dedicate herself to learning Krav Maga & challenging herself through training.
Michaela’s goal in teaching is to show others the value of, and the power behind, allowing themselves to take up space. She hopes to show her students that they deserve to feel safe, and that they are capable of protecting that safety for themselves.

Fun Facts About Michaela

What’s your nerdiest hobby? 

Binge watching K-dramas

What’s your favorite book that you could read again & again? 

Any Percy Jackson book

What is your least favorite chore? 

I hate all chores. I think folding laundry is my least favorite.

What’s your favorite action movie? 

The Last Dragon. 1985. Amazing bad movie.