Mark Tovar

Mark Tovar

“Mark is full of energy and brings that out of all of his students. His workouts are exhausting, but he inspires people to work to their fullest and beyond. And his 80’s hard rock playlist is the best!!”

-Mark M. Archivist

“Mark’s energy and positivity is contagious. His classes are best way to start the week!.”

-Jen L. Designer

“Mark is a terrific motivator. He has great technique and does a great job explaining techniques and helping improve your technique. Mark was really great in helping me recover from an injury. He modified workouts and was always cognizant of my initial limitations to be sure I was doing well training. He helped me build my strength back up.”

-Rebecca A. Executive Director Services


  • Favorite Submission: Arm Triangle
  • Walkout Song: The Trooper by Iron Maiden
  • Hero: Rocky Balboa
  • Known for: Incorporating conditioning into Krav Maga classes.  You WILL get in shape taking Mark’s classes!
  • Nerd Alert!: When Mark isn’t at the gym perfecting his fast strikes, you can find him watching old movies with his dog, Gatsby.