Jeff Moyers

Jeff Moyers

Jeff Moyers Lions Krav Maga and Krav Maga Global instructorJeff Moyers has always had an interest in martial arts, even from a young age. Once he completed his tour in the United States Marine Corps, he decided to follow his
longtime dream and dedicate his life to martial arts and fitness. After ten years of training experience in multiple organizations and a variety of combat styles, particularly Krav Maga and Western boxing, Jeff landed on the path of becoming a Krav Maga Global instructor. In addition to his experience in Krav Maga, Jeff has had trained in boxing, kickboxing, jiujitsu, aikido, and Marine Corps martial arts/line fighting.  He is a certified instructor with the American College of Sports Medicine and is a certified TRX instructor.


“Jeff’s Krav Maga classes are very easy to follow, even for me as a beginner. He breaks the tasks down to more digestible smaller pieces and clearly explains them all. I always leave the class with a success feeling and that I learned something new

-Annamaria B. Data Scientist

“Jeff is wise in his instructions as well as thorough. I appreciate his reminders in better techniques.”

-Antonella H. Linguist