Adrian Gutierrez

Adrian Gutierrez

Adrian Gutierrez has trained in martial arts for over 15 years and served in the military for over 10 years with multiple deployments around the world. In addition to Krav Maga, Adrian has experience in Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Boxing, and he currently holds a 3-1 amateur record in Muay Thai. He has been coaching for over 8 years, and he teaches in Lions Krav Maga’s Advanced Fight Tactics program.

When he’s not teaching or training, Adrian is hanging out with his wife, Victoria, who is also a kickboxing instructor, and their 3 children, Gabriel, Selene, and Aiden.

“Adrian is an amazing instructor. He makes class so much fun and does a great job of helping you understand how the techniques you are using help you in a fight. Right now, it is easy to feel like you are just punching a bag, but he turns that bag into a real person by explaining the tactics around what he is teaching. Adrian is able to see and correct even the smallest of errors in your technique. I feel like I constantly improve and have so much fun doing it!”
-Rebecca A. Executive Director Services
“Adrian brings the experience of being in the ring to his class. He teaches techniques that work and are devastating to opponents. Adrian has a spirit and energy that makes his classes hard but fun.”
-Mark M. Archivist


Favorite submission: Triangle Choke

Walkout Song:   Litty By Meek Mill 

Superpower:  Play Saxophone

Hero(es):  Dad 

Known for: Being direct

Nerd Alert!:  Avid gamer and  CosPlayer