Men’s Violence Dynamics Seminar

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Men’s Violence Dynamics Seminar

Saturday, July 162-5 pm

We know that violence dynamics between women and men are different, but you gotta learn how, why, and what to do about it!

This one is for dudes age 16+ only! 

The Men’s Violence Dynamics Seminar is your chance to learn how to handle yourself against…

  • The drunk guy at the bar starting sh*t with you, your friend, or even someone nearby
  • The guy who wants to prove his alpha status 
  • The group of buddies who are riling each other up, looking for a target
  • A drug addict who is desperate & ready to murder you for your wallet

The seminar will be taught by Krav Maga Black Belt & Lions Chief Instructor, Jason Fryer. 

Space is limited. No experience necessary. Age 16+.

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