Lions Krav Maga is MOVING!!!

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Lions Krav Maga new krav maga gym austin tx

Lions Krav Maga is MOVING!!!

We are thrilled to tell you about our new, bigger and better gym space at 911 W. Anderson Lane! The space will be much bigger, and we will be able to offer TONS of new classes!  Here’s a little preview of the space . . .
Lions Krav Maga new krav maga gym austin tx
We’re in the process of painting, setting up dressing rooms, laying down mats, and setting up gear, but we will be ready on May 10th for Fight Church at noon!  We truly can’t wait for you to see it!!
What about the schedule, you ask?  So many new classes!!! You can see the new schedule on our website here (just fast forward the schedule to the week you want to see).  A few of our new classes include . . .
  • Tactics LabsThese classes are an opportunity to really delve deep into and master the core concepts and skills of Krav Maga fighting and self-defense.
  • Family Krav Maga (age 5+)This program was developed so that your whole family can get in shape and go home safe together!  
  • Yoga for FightersThis class is designed to supplement areas of Krav Maga training that are often neglected – core strength, stability, mobility, breathwork, and stress management.  As fighters, we have to be able to manage our breathing and adrenaline while engaged in a conflict; this class will teach us to master that. 
  • Intermediate Krav Maga: This class is open to those who have passed their P2 test, or by invitation. 

As we get the new space ready to go, we hope you’ll join us this week (May 4-7) for Krav Maga at 7:30pmMonday through Thursday, at BVM CrossFit at 6711 Burnet.  Our friends Brent & Valerie Hunt have graciously offered us space at their CrossFit space while we work on making the new space into our vision for the new Lions Krav Maga gym.

We wish you all the best, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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