Badass of the Month: Norbi Zylberberg

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Badass of the Month: Norbi Zylberberg

Norberto “Norbi” Zylberberg

Last week, Norbi passed his orange belt test after starting Krav maga less than 2 years ago with no previous martial arts experience. But that’s not what makes him badass. In fact, his two teenage sons also go to Lions. They already had their orange belts and have been ribbing him for being the last.

He can take it.

He’s already gone through moving with his wife and three kids to the US. Back then, in 2002, “Austin was not on anybody’s radar in the world. We were moving from a city of 10 million to a sleepy college town. That’s a bold move.”

They moved from Argentina, which drafted Norbi for the national handball team in the 1993 Maccabiah Games. That’s basically the Olympics for Jewish athletes, the third largest sporting event in the world held every four years in Israel.

He’s not just a badass athlete who has literally represented the country of Argentina in competition. He’s a badass creative director and entrepreneur. He made a movie Kidnappeando, just because he felt like it. It did pretty well on the indie international film circuit, and he holds a Cannes Lion, the highest award in advertising. He’s a Lion with a Lion! See what we did there? Just before he started at Lions Krav Maga, he also started his own advertising firm, Socialisssima, because why not start two totally new, challenging things at once?

“I’m not 20 – I’m 52. When you think it’s something you can only do when you’re younger, that’s not true.”

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