Badass of the Month: Melanie Rice

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Badass of the Month: Melanie Rice

Melanie Rice started training with Lions Krav Maga in January, 2019. Within the first few months of her membership, she proved to the world (or at least to her attacker) just how much of a badass she had already become. On April 11, 2019, Melanie had to use what she’d learned in class to defend herself when a man assaulted her in a women’s shower room. Here’s how it went down…

Melanie was enjoying her afternoon, perusing in a shop, when a man who worked there asked about her marital status. Like many women, even though Melanie is not married, she wears a ring on her left-hand ring finger in order to avoid these sorts of encounters. She attempted to end the interaction by politely telling the man that, yes, she was married.

One would hope that this would be the end of it, but unfortunately this man continued to follow her around the shop, watching her closely, for the hour or so that she was shopping. That’s when Melanie stopped into the women’s shower room.

The man followed her, and proceeded to force himself on her.

She immediately started actively verbally resisting him by commanding him to stop in three different languages. When he didn’t stop accosting her, Melanie did exactly what she learned in class, “I kicked him below the belt, and just started elbowing and punching him in the face and ribs.”

This is when a female custodian came in. I like to imagine the scene she walked in on looking something like this…

What an absolute badass, right??!!

While we obviously wish that Melanie never had to have to deal with this scumbag in the first place, we could not be prouder of how she handled herself. We applaud her for fighting back and for kicking some serious ass. And that’s why Melanie Rice is this month’s Badass of the Month!

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