Badass of the Month: Gayle Overly

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Badass of the Month: Gayle Overly

Our Badass this month, Gayle Overly, has been training with Lions since August of 2016. Originally from the Midwest (Wisconsin and Ohio), she moved to Austin when her daughter was 5 and has lived here ever since. She has found her forever home in Texas and at Lions.


The warrior spirit is not just about being aggressive and hitting hard (we all know Gayle can certainly do that). It is also about strength of heart and courage. She exemplifies the warrior spirit qualities in many ways, but one is through her chosen profession – caring for patients with Alzheimer’s disease or those who are in Hospice care. Gayle has been working as a home healthcare professional for over 20 years. She is a true giver with one of the toughest jobs out there. Being dedicated to her patients makes training all the more important to her. “It takes an emotional toll and I get run down. Training helps a lot.”

Staying disciplined and getting to the gym for her self-care time can be tough. But she is a strong, resilient, fierce warrior woman. We are fortunate to have her as a training partner and as a friend.


So, what made this badass want to be even badder by training Krav Maga? Helping a friend in a bad situation – domestic violence. “I wanted her to be able to stand up and defend herself.” Gayle signed herself up for a trial Krav Maga class along with her friend, and it was love at first punch.

Gayle has continued to train hard ever since, recently earning her Orange Belt through a rigorous 5-hour test. She is one of our most consistent students at Lions – even with her tough job, she shows up ready to work. Anyone who has partnered with Gayle knows she definitely sets the bar high as far as focus and effort put forth to get better in every single class.

One reason she stays disciplined, even when she may be dealing with the emotional fallout from the loss of a patient, is that she loves the community at Lions. The friends she’s made at the gym are her favorite part of training: “Everyone is so nice and supportive of each other.”

True support is taking an elbow to the face for your partner.


Gayle has gained a lot from her training that translates to everyday life- situational awareness, confidence, being assertive, and using her voice. “Using my voice has defended me more than anything else,” she said, “and it has worked in situations were I genuinely felt threatened.” One time, Gayle straight up scared off a dude who was stalking her just by using her voice. For real. She frightened him so badly with just her voice that HE RAN AWAY!

Actual footage.

Next time you see Gayle at the gym, make sure you say “hi” or give her a high five, and definitely partner with her if you get the chance!

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