A Wild Genesis Appears!

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A Wild Genesis Appears!

Lions Krav Maga welcomes Genesis to our team!

Starting September 1st, Genesis will be taking over as Lead Instructor of our Kids & Youth Division classes!

Gen moved to Austin 5 years ago, and she already has over 5 years of experience working with children under her belt! She is a music teacher (bass & voice), has taught in the preschool classroom, and is a certified doula! Gen believes in empowering children to make positive choices for their own safety and wellbeing, and so teaching kids how to protect themselves was a perfect fit!

She’s particularly interested in our Anti-Bullying curriculum. As a victim of childhood bullying herself, she understands how important it is to give children the tools to navigate these complex social situations. As she said, “The self defense aspect is something every child and adult should have access to learn about. Protecting
yourself mentally and physically is crucial in our world. I’m so excited to be teaching these skills!”

Please give a warm welcome to Genesis when you see her around the gym!

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