3 for 3 Spring Challenge

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3 for 3 Spring Challenge Lions Krav Maga

3 for 3 Spring Challenge


The inertia from the last year is too real, y’all. It’s time to kick inertia’s butt with a Spring Challenge!!!

The challenge is simple — Take at least 3 classes every week, and win prizes!

Check it out!!


3 classes per week, every week, for 4 weeks

2-weeks of free training for a friend

15% off any one item from our pro-shop


3 classes per week, every week, for 8 total weeks

1 free standard private training session (60 min.)

Free entry to the Lions Krav Maga 3-hour seminar of your choice


3 classes per week, every week, for 12 total weeks

50% off your next month’s tuition

Unlimited no-show freebies for the remainder of 2021


YOU MUST SIGN IN TO BE COUNTED!!!! We STRONGLY recommend reserving your spot in class to ensure that you are counted for that day’s attendance in case you forget to sign in.

Both virtual and in-person classes count. If you’re in virtual class, you must have your camera on so that we can see your participation. Again, we strongly encourage you to reserve your spot just to ensure your attendance is counted. If your instructor doesn’t see you, they might not count you.

Necessary absences? You MUST let us know in advance. By “necessary,” we mean if you are sick with a contagious illness, or you are going to be traveling for a week & won’t have access to virtual classes, or something like that. If you let us know in advance, we can provide you with a way to make up the missed week(s) of classes. We will not do this retroactively!!! You must let us know in advance!!

Pick up your prizes in a timely manner! We will post the list of winners at the end of the month every month so that you can come get your prizes. If you never collect your prizes, you’re out of luck! We aren’t going to save it for you at the front desk forever, so you gotta get it while the gettin’s good!

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