Krav Junior

Krav Junior

The Krav Junior SKILLZ program  is considered the most comprehensive self-defense & anti-bullying  program available in the world today. The program covers all aspects of self-defense training for kids, from the physical and technical aspects, to the educational aspect (self-control, violence  prevention, functioning under stress etc.), to simulation training.  Our age specific classes are  fun, exciting, and most importantly, they equip kids with the  tools  needed  to  be successful in school and in life. 

What does the membership include?

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Krav Junior students have access to either 1 or 2 classes per week with instruction tailored to specifically to their developmental level. We have options for both in-person and virtual classes. We know that a 4-year old learns very differently from an 8-year-old or a 12-year-old, so we provide online classes and curriculum designed specifically for different age groups.

  • Kids Division • Age 3-5 • Monday & Wednesday at 5pm • Saturday at 9am & Sunday at 10am
  • Youth Division • Age 6-8 • Tuesday & Thursday at 5pm • Saturday & Sunday at 10am
  • Junior Division • Age 9-12 • Monday & Wednesday at 5pm • Saturday & Sunday at 10am

For students who live in the Austin area, our instructors provide twice monthly home visits for in-person 1-on-1 grading opportunities. This provides students with an opportunity to form a deeper bond with their instructor role models & get individualized feedback, all while following CDC guidelines.

One benefit of learning from home is following your own schedule. That’s why we provide all our students with a library of techniques with instructions & weekly home study planners, as well as on-demand classes that your child can take anytime, anywhere!

Parents are the child’s first teacher. Because Krav Junior is a child development program as well as a self defense program, we believe that when parents are involved in the process, kids’ learning and success in the program skyrocket! That’s why we provide all our Krav Junior families with a digital library of home activities & parenting resources all accessible online.

Is your child already a Krav Junior student?