Vanessa Swesnik

Vanessa Swesnik

“Vanessa is all about form, which makes her a great instructor. She would rather help us get our form down than rush through it, which is really great for preventing bad habits from forming. Like many of the instructors, she is also patient, encouraging, and attentive, which is perfect when she’s making sure our form is on point.”

“Vanessa is a teacher at heart. She speaks to every level of student with inspiration, and her classes always ‘pack a punch’ in terms of physical intensity.”

“Vanessa is enthusiastic and takes time with each of the students in her kids classes. She has a great way of translating the techniques and concerns to age-appropriate terms that really connects with the kids. My children (ages 5 & 3) both talk about what Ms. Vanessa has taught them long after the class is over and they practice it at home, which shows how engaged they are.”

“Vanessa has a lot of enthusiasm about teaching. She makes you feel like she is working one on one with you even in large groups. Vanessa is great with the little ones and brings that same passion and feeling to the adult classes.”

“Vanessa is so caring and she makes her classes fun. She is really great. I see her with the kids, too. She’s phenomenal!”