Mark Tovar

Mark Tovar

Mark Lions Krav Maga Instructor

“Mark knows how to push the endurance of everyone in class. We’re always going for that one extra kick or combo.”

“Mark is very personable. He explains things in very practical ways that make a lot of sense. Mark is patient and tries to help as much as you need.”

“Mark has a phenomenal understanding of striking and is amazingly helpful in conditioning classes. He always has very specific/perfectionistic attention to detail (in the best way), has very physically challenging classes, and always offers great feedback for improvement.”

“Mark’s Kickstart Conditioning classes are AMAZING! It’s totally worth getting up early to work out at his classes. He really knows how to make you work for it. He is patient and encouraging offering alternatives to sore/bad joints that still make us work for it.”

“Mark knows how to challenge his students both physically and mentally. I’ve always left his classes drenched in sweat but feeling good about my work because of his awesome encouraging attitude!”

Mark Tovar Lions Krav Maga instructor Austin TX