Krav Junior Instructor Team

Krav Junior Instructor Team

Miss Sophie – Kids Division (Age 3-5)

Sophie has been working with children for several years, first as an after school program instructor, and then working at Terra Toys, an Austin institution. We managed to steal her away though, so she will is now working full time at Lions; half of that time will be spent as the Lead Instructor to our littlest lions!

Miss Gabby – Youth Division (Age 6-8)

Miss Gabby, our Y-Division Lead Instructor, started at Lions after moving to Austin from Colorado where she earned her Master’s degree in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology. Gabby has an extensive teaching experience as a classroom teacher and as a private tutor for students of all ages, from elementary school all the way through college. Miss Gabby has been an athlete since she was a kid, mostly soccer and dance, and transitioned to Krav Maga beautifully.

Mr. Kenneth – Junior Division (Age 9-12)

Mr. Kenneth, our J-Division Lead Instructor, is a father of 2 and a part time substitute teacher at AISD, spending the majority of that time teaching students with special needs. He also spent 4 years in the Army… you can tell by the quality of his push-ups!

Miss Ellen – Youth Division Assistant

Miss Ellen has been with Lions as the Krav Junior Assistant for several years. Ellen is a mother of two and has been practicing Krav Maga for over 7 years. (She also gives the best hugs on Earth.)

Miss Claire – Advanced Krav Junior

In addition to her full time role as the Gym Manager, Miss Claire  teaches Advanced Krav Junior on Saturdays mornings for Y-Division and J-Division Orange Belts and above. She has also developed our Student Leadership Academy, which she will be leading this year.

Miss Katie – Advanced Krav Junior

Miss Katie is one of the founders of Lions Krav Maga and the creator of the Krav Junior program. She has two Master’s degrees in Education, and she was a classroom teacher for 7 years & worked in education & child welfare policy for 2 years before opening Lions. Miss Katie teaches the Friday evening Advanced Krav Junior class.