Kenneth Friar

Kenneth Friar

Kenneth is the dedicated Krav Junior Assistant for both the Kids Division (ages 3-5) and Youth Division (ages 6-8). He puts a lot of work into making sure his students are learning the curriculum as well as developing gross motor, language, and social-emotional skills. Kenneth is constantly improving his teaching skills as well as his own Krav Maga skills. He works as a substitute teacher with AISD by day, so he has experience teaching children age 3 to 12. We love Kenneth for making the world a better place by helping our Krav Junior kiddos learn how to be safer and happier.

Kenneth Friar Lions Krav Maga

Fun fact about Kenneth: He’s a loving father to his two adorable children, one of which is a student in our Krav Junior program! He and his wife, Jen, as well as their daughter all train Krav Maga together, and we think that’s pretty awesome!

Kenneth & Jen Lions Krav Maga

                               Get him, Jen! <3

Another fun fact is that Kenneth served in the Army from 1999-2003, and then in the National Guard until 2004. That explains the discipline and commitment he shows in his training…plus, the absurd amount of pushups he can do.