Karin Dahlstrom

Karin Dahlstrom

Karin Lions Krav Maga Instructor

“Karin has been my main inspiration since I started training here years ago. Her warm-ups are killer, which I enjoy because I want to improve my physical fitness in addition to fighting skills. She demonstrates true mastery of each technique she teaches, and pays close attention to detail, so I never leave her classes with unanswered questions, and I always leave feeling more motivated to reach her level one day.”

“Karin’s ability to demonstrate flawless technique is inspiring, yet she also seems to not have forgotten what it is like to be new at this. She is great at breaking down the curriculum into manageable bites and helping you focus on one or two elements at a time to improve your skills. Also, she is the master of warm-up exercises that are both intense and fun!”

“Karin’s classes are among my favorite. She brings intensity and imagination to every class. Flamingo runs? Who does that?! Ha!”

“Karin doesn’t let you settle for anything other than your best and will work with you until you’ve mastered the skill being taught.”


Karin Dahlstrom Lions Krav Maga Austin