Erika Luck

Erika Luck

Erika Luck Lions Krav Maga instructor director

“Erika’s classes are just so much fun. She really teaches outside the norm and every class is a blast!”     

“Erika always has great energy and a positive attitude. Whatever class I take with her, I know I’m going to learn some awesome moves and have a fun time.”

“Erika’s classes are high energy and creative. She is all about the reps, making sure everyone maximizes their time practicing. She’s thorough, driven and always coming up with surprises in her classes.” 

“Erika is the best combination strike teacher I’ve ever encountered. She espouses intensity (but also calm & controlled), power, and technique. Every class with her is a mental and physical journey.”  

“Erika often calls me out and I need that. She’s not afraid to watch and point out when and how I’m getting lazy on form. My crosses have improved so much because of her attentiveness. Her feed back is always constructive and an important part of my learning process. Thanks, Erika!” 

“Erika’s demonstrations are impressive, her instructions are clear and concise, and she has a knack for inspiring everyone in the room to push themselves to their limits, which you can see in her finishing drills in particular! She keeps energy high but also emphasizes proper technique in order to stay injury-free. I’ve really enjoyed learning from her!”  

“Erika tells me the “why” behind every move. Context is everything, and knowing why a technique is important motivates me to execute it perfectly.”