Eddy Rivas

Eddy Rivas

Eddy Lions Krav Maga

“Eddy is great at demonstrating techniques, and he always has a smile on his face! He’s quick to praise, and he’s always available to answer questions.”

“Eddy always pays attention to the small details of your form when you’re working the techniques. He’s very good at breaking down the techniques into small chunks so students can work through each step and put them together.”

“Eddy is 100% scrappy. He fights, trains, and teaches with an urgency that makes Krav worth doing.”

“Eddy breaks down moves into very easy to understand instructions. His Fight Tactics classes have been focusing a lot on footwork and distribution of weight, which are super important for closing distances, retreating, and basically all the fundamentals. I feel like I always walk away from his classes knowing more of the technical parts of a move.”

“Eddy provides detailed, clean and obvious examples of how the techniques would work in a violent conflict. He also always gives great feedback.”

“Eddy makes you work HARD. His classes are challenging, but he keeps the energy high and places a lot of emphasis on technique, so you get to work your mind and body. His instructions are concise, and I feel like I learn a great deal in his classes.”

“Eddy is stellar at breaking down complex moves into easy-to-digest bits, making learning advanced techniques fast and fun. I always love it when he announces we’ll be learning something advanced!”