Kick off 2021 with 21% off

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Kick off 2021 with 21% off

Use code “2021” at checkout to take 21% off your tuition!

 Lions Krav Maga offers classes for adults 7 days a week at convenient times in the morning, after work, and during your lunch break!  Adult classes are open to trainees age 13+ of any fitness, skill, and mobility level – there is no need for prior martial arts knowledge to train with us!  Our classes are  adaptable to meet the needs of both men and women, young and old. 

The Krav Junior program  is considered the most comprehensive self-defense & anti-bullying  program available in the world today. The program covers all aspects of self-defense training for kids, from the physical and technical aspects, to the educational aspect (self-control, violence  prevention, functioning under stress etc.), to simulation training.  Our age specific classes are  fun, exciting, and most importantly, they equip kids with the  tools  needed  to  be successful in school and in life.