How Parental Involvement Increases Child Success

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How Parental Involvement Increases Child Success

Parents are the child’s first teacher. They are the foundational element to their child’s success in everything. The enthusiasm and support, or lack thereof, that a parent expresses can make or break a child’s experience and/or accomplishments. Because Krav Junior is a child development program as well as a self defense program, we at Lions Krav Maga believe that parents are an essential part of the teaching team. When parents are involved in the process, children’s learning and success in the program skyrocket!

Parents that enroll their children in self defense or martial arts programs obviously want to see them succeed, but they may not know what is needed from them to help ensure that this happens. Kids who are in Krav Junior don’t always have parents who train in Krav Maga themselves, but all of our Krav Junior parents know the benefits of self defense; however, some may not understand the process of making these benefits a reality for their child.  Since the goal of the Krav Junior program is to help children grow to be the best version of themselves, we encourage parents to take an active role in their child’s progress through the system.

The Krav Junior curriculum is based on the developmental stages of children. The skill requirements for each level were carefully designed to developmentally benefit the child the most while using Krav Maga as a vehicle to ensure success. Within this system, the child not only learns self defense, but he or she also develops physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially. To help parents prepare for this journey with their child, we provide an extensive collection of blog posts on relevant topics for parents, such as realistic behavioral expectations, fostering a growth mindset, and the 8 core Parent SKILLZ for helping children be successful. This sets the stage for success.

In the Krav Junior program, communication is essential to helping children be the most successful. Throughout each trimester, information is distributed on the skills that are being taught that month on our website and our member app. This helps parents to know what is happening in each class so that they can initiate a conversation with their child about it. We also provide a virtual library of mat chat videos so that parents can continue instilling those lessons at home throughout the week.

Since parental involvement is an essential part of this program, we also host special class events from time to time so that parents can participate in class with their child. By doing this, parents pick up strategies that they can use to help their child practice at home. This also helps solidify the engagement of the parents in their child’s training, thereby increasing their child’s excitement and enjoyment of the activity, which ultimately leads to greater success.

By fostering a good working relationship with parents, Krav Junior instructors make certain that parents have the resources they need to help their child. When parents are enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the instruction their child is receiving, they can better help their child navigate through the training process. As an added benefit, the parent-child relationship is nurtured while all of the aspects of the Krav Junior program are supported. This ensures success for the child as they develop into the best version of themselves!

Source: SKILLZ