Men’s Violence Dynamics Seminar

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Men’s Violence Dynamics Seminar

Saturday, March 7 // 2pm-5pm // At Lions Krav Maga

Big Whoop. Wanna fight about it?

This one is for MEN ONLY! We know that violence dynamics between women and men are different, but you gotta learn how, why, and what to do about it.

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This is your chance to learn how to handle yourself against…

– The drunk guy at the bar starting sh*t with you

– The dude who wants to prove his alpha status via violence

– The straight up lunatic who has decided to murder you just because

– The group of guys who are all riling each other up and who have chosen you as their target

For this seminar, you will have the pleasure of learning from TWO of our amazing senior instructors — Chief Instructor, Jason Fryer, and Fight Tactics Instructor, Ernesto Peralez.

Space is limited, and this seminar ALWAYS sells out. Get your ticket before they’re gone!